Author: ?@jeylovestoblog? Pairing: Jungkook x ReaderGenre: FluffPhoto edits: @our-kpopreact“Catch…


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Photo edits: @our-kpopreact


“Catch me if you can,” You said as you slapped the water so hard it
splashed up at him. He froze, his gaze going down his now wet clothes.
You ran as fast as you could, but he was faster. Still laughing you
tried to stop him. “I’m sorry, Jungkook, I couldn’t help it. I promise
I’ll be good from now on.”

“Not until I teach you a lesson you won’t forget,” He bellowed after
you, a smirk appearing on his face. You ran, your laughter slowing you
down. Suddenly his arms slammed into your waist and you screamed as you
both tumbled down to the ground. Still laughing, you tried to get away,
but he had you now and rolled you over to face him, pinning down your
wrist in the damp grass. Jungkook leaned over you, his hands pressing
your arms above your head, his body pinning yours to the ground. You
licked your lips and met his gaze as you felt his wet shirt, soaking in
yours now. Your arms crept up and around Jungkooks neck and shoulders,
as he lowered his head. With a wicked grin and his eyes narrowing with
intent, Jungkook kissed you on the lips. Every thought out of Jungkooks
mind vanished, except for the thought of kissing you, tasting your
sweetness and feeling the soft press of your body. Your hands buried in
his hair, your curves of your body molded to him and desire took over
you. His hands slipped downward to cup your bottom and hold you tightly
to him. He staggered back, breaking the kiss. You laid there, staring at
each other, his hands on your hips, yours in his hair, your breathing
ragged. You tasted exactly like he remembered. Addicting – and he wanted