[!] updates!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these “updates” posts, but we have made some big changes, and there are some cool things coming soon 👀

1) We (especially Katherine) have been trying really hard to make up for half of our admins leaving, but it’s going to get tough with me going back to school and Katherine with her teaching. Therefore, we’ll be hiring soon! Please keep your eyes open for a post within the next week or two about details!

2) We’ve added a new page with rules specifically for the comments and Disqus box. After Katherine caught some comments, we both realized the comments as a whole needed to be addressed and under rules. Please carefully read the page before you comment from now on!

3) I f i n a l l y created (well, updated technically) a page explaining how to send us an opinion. This has been so, so delayed on my part, and I’m sorry to anyone who couldn’t send in anything because you were confused. I hope my instructions are clear enough!

4) Our admin page has been updated! As much as I loved the simplicity of our old page, I definitely felt it could do with more personality. I think the layout right now is a good balance! 

5) There are more subtle changes, but if I listed all of them, this post would be obnoxiously long. See if you can spot any of them!! (*cough, starting from scrolling to the left, cough*)

I just want to thank you all, as always, for supporting this blog. I personally haven’t felt so inspired to make this blog better in a while. With these changes, we hope you continue to enjoy this blog and help us make it even better.