[heads up!] the askbox/submission will be open…

The askbox will be opened on:


                         @ 1 PM PST

                         @ 9 PM UTC

IMPORTANT!!! If you sent in an opinion last time (November 27) and have not seen it posted yet, PLEASE DO *NOT* RE-SUBMIT IT. This time, opening the askbox does NOT mean we’ve made all of the opinions! Since we just finished hiring, we’re adjusting to distributing a larger amount of opinions amongst a full team of 7 (!!!) admins. So even though nearly every admin still has at least one set of posts to make this week, there aren’t many opinions left in the askbox itself. Your submission has almost definitely been assigned to an admin, and it will be posted in the next week or so (if it doesn’t break the rules, of course)!

Love, main admin @katherinedoeskpop