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I became a Winner fan super late. And I had heard the news of Taehyun leaving before I was a fan. And honestly it breaks my heart that I grew attached to him while watching WIN and WinnerTV. Don’t get me wrong, I still support Taehyun. Southclub is amazing. It put me to tears when I watched Taehyun sing Really Really live. It also makes me happy that YG supports Taehyun as well. Truthfully, I don’t expect Taehyun and Winner to regroup, but I hope they interact in the future. ALSO, I feel like Fool is an apology to Taehyun and Hug Me is a responce.

It’s so annoying how some international fans treat the korean language. I mean, I was trying to learn it because I want to be able to understand lyrics and shows withou needing subtitles – but everytime I said this to someone, they (most of the time english native speakers who only “have korean as a second language” – and many times don’t even know the basics, but wtv) would be mad at me and would say that I “should learn a language for my passion about the language, the culture, its country, not these trivial reasons”. Seriously, this is so stupid! Learning about the culture and etc is something that comes with time, after you get involved with the language, not a prerequisite! I’m Brazilian,  and I can say for sure that many people decide to learn english or wathever language to be able to understand series, movies and music in that language. Stop thinking korean is so sacred. It is not, and it doesn’t matter what are the person’s reasons to learn it.

I know it’s angering to see that a lot of k-netizen comments, especially on Nate, are hating on TOP and even have the galls to say he was “just sleeping”, but let’s remember they do not make up the entire SK population, that just like any other country, there are citizens who don’t bother with the comments section at all, and remember that there have also been positive comments wishing for his recovery, especially on Instiz.

I honestly seriously will fans would have more respect for older groups! Like I love newer groups like BTS or GOT7 but thats doesn’t mean that people who joined the kpop fandom later can shit on older groups. Im sick of seeing stuff like SHINee are flops or that Suju is old or that a highlight is irrelevant… be respectful! These groups paved the way for newer groups! You dont have to like older groups just dont be rude.

I find so funny how some fans deny so fiercely that idols can be LGB. I’m not trying to say “Oh, XX is definitely gay!”, that’s not it! It’s just that is so naive to think that in an industry with thousands and thousands of people every single one of them is straight. At the same time, people should stop trying to point out which ones they think are – 99,99% of the time these fans are based in stereotypes.

I think f(x) is THE most unique kpop group out there from girl and boy groups.

I fear that ToppDogg will disband after Produce 101 if Sanggyun doesn’t reach the Top 11. Maybe they will make a comeback and disband after if it’s not successful enough.

Admin note: This confession was sent in before Produce 101 was finished!

I don’t get the appeal of YG groups. They used to produce good music (old Bigbang and 2ne1). I don’t know how people ‘stan’ their groups when they release only 2 songs per year; one of which is a shitty ballad and the other may or may not (in most cases) be decent. Their new groups especially are riding on the back of the popularity of BB and 2ne1. Fans say they’re talented. What talent? Rap? Non koreans can’t judge that. Their singing is mediocre. Never saw them dance. But even if they are talented, it does’t matter. What matters is the music.

To Young and new kpop fans: we and you know that your bias will date someone sooner or later, you may not take it well and it’s perfectly fine because everyone has that feeling, im not gonna push you with the whole “You should be happy for your bias because they are happy too” gult trip because it’s obviously not the best thing to say, what i will tell you that sooner or later you will grow out of it and move on, as you grow these dating news will not harm you as much as it did a while ago, whatever if you want to be happy for your bias or be heartbroken is up for you to decide and, in the end you will move on, eventually.  

As someone who lived in Korea for quite a bit and only recently moved away, let me just say Korean fans and international fans have completely different favourites for the most part. While the groups that both fans like are generally popular, some are way more popular for one fanbase than the other. The most classic example is EXO and BTS. EXO is the biggest act in Korea right now and has been for a while. But when I see international fans, BTS is obviously more popular.