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I like serious music, I like deep lyrics. I like love songs and sad songs. I like songs critical of the society we live in, but at the same time I like nonsical and weird songs. I like songs with lyrics that aren’t really serious or necessarily make sense.I like cute and catchy songs without me having to think much about them. I just don’t think that pop/kpop music have to be serious all the time or need to criticize society all the time. Sometimes I just want to listen to a catchy ridiculous song that doesn’t really have any substance because I like the way it sounds and I can dance around to. I don’t need to analyze everything. A lot of people especially in kpop are so elitist and are so stressed and angry al the time or sucks the joy out of music. Music is a preference not an objective truth about who is bad or good because people have different taste. And the thing is that it doesn’t make me a horrible person with bad taste. Like some people take it as a personal offense that I like a song they don’t and go out do the way to mock people about their music choices. I don’t go around bashing people for liking certain groups or singers, I could care less as long as you are enjoying it. Who are they hurting? Music should be fun and non stressful.

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Exo doesnt have a “fake brotherhood” regardless of what non fans say. They have flaws within their relationships and I acknowledge that, but dont ever say that they fake it. They love eachother and its pretty clear that they do. ESPECIALLY Sehun.

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Likey was a dope comeback! I love it so much. I love how Twice gave everyone a chance to shine,with the rap line getting a part,Momo’s dance break,and the vocal’s being amazing,the line distribution was amazing,and so was the screen time. Momo’s part is so catchy to.

You’re not suddenly not a sasaeng if you’re not Korean. If you behave like a sasaeng, you are a sasaeng, regardless of nationality. Stop following idols around, stop invading their personal space, stop sitting outside their building waiting for them/watching them/filming them, stop trying to find out where they are on their down time – just stop. It’s invasive, it makes them uncomfortable, and it makes fans everywhere look bad. Stop ruining things for everyone else.

I don’t know how it’s going to work if Blackpink doesn’t come out with another two songs before the end of the year shows. I really don’t get tired of Playing With Fire or Stay but if I have to see them perform those songs AGAIN because YG doesn’t know what he’s doing, I’m gonna be upset.

I never understood those fans who say that Jungkook doesn’t like being called oppa. I’m sure he does, he just doesn’t like being called oppa by older fans, who aren’t supposed to call him oppa. Younger (female) fans should call him oppa because thats the respectable term for older males.