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Hi all,

It has been some time since we have posted on this blog, and we do apologize that our first post back is such a heavy one. Before we try to get the blog up and going again, we want to take this time to remember Hara and the wonderful person that she was. We first and foremost want send our condolences to her family and friends. 

It is absolutely heartbreaking that such an inspirational woman passed away. Hara has had so many hardships in her life and has carried so much pain. We are sure there were painful things the public didn’t know about as well that she kept to herself. Even though it must have been so incredibly difficult for her to open up, she mustered up the courage and bravery. And we’re sure her bravery is helping others find strength in their struggles. We hope her story (and many others’) serves as the wakeup call for change.

Opinions about Hara are no longer allowed on this blog. This means no opinions posted and no comments/reblogs with opinions about her. Mentioning her for context, though, is permitted. This is the least we can do for her, to respect her legacy.

Rest in peace, Hara.

Love, main admins paperjewels and katherinedoeskpop

I’m tired of armies calling every talented female rapper a female yoongi like most the time they don’t even have anything in common might as well call yoongi asian eminem tf

For someone who’s music derives so much from black culture, JYP sure is racist. He had the audacity to perform with blackface dancers and always silences his idols when they offend black people, and if that doesn’t scream racist then I don’t know what does.

It’s fine to be upset that your fav having little lines, but don’t take it out on other members. (Like, the amount of Momo/Dahyun/Jeongyeon stans who have it out for Nayeon is terrifying)

I have been listening to Kpop since 2012 and I dont think I will ever understand why Johnny thought is was a good idea to say “all yall are immaculate”

Infantalization in k-pop is gross and yet it’s always glossed over and no one ever talks about it. It’s so common and widespread and people really don’t seem to care (and often even encourage it).

Stop stanning someone because they are dating is just NOT GOOD at all, I don’t see this problem in western music and artists but why is it such a mess in kpop? Fans are the same generally but kpop seems to have some weird people around this is just sad.

think AOA hasn’t had a comeback this year till now becase of Queendom, so that when they do come back after so much time there’ll be more antecipation.

I love that the beyhive teamed up with us army. Two powerful fandoms that love and support talented legendary artist, it’s like the best fandom friendship armys have ever had. 💜🐝

In my opinion, the award to the worst fandom goes to Carats. They have bully like tendencies.