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Was a blackjack back in the days, not anymore, but I have just recently realized how one of a kind 2ne1 was. I’m not back to being a fan, but nowadays I feel like I appreciate them more than when I was a fan. They were so different from everything that was and there still hasn’t been a group (girl or boy) that comes even close. I miss them 🙁

I dont even understand why CL and Dara renewed their contracts with YG. Like they dont know they’re gonna be locked in the dungeon. When 2NE1 got together for their anniversary, I didnt realize how much I missed them together. I wish YG resigned before he forced them to disband. Stan ot4!

I hate it when people say BlackPink are the Queen’s of the girl-crush concept because they’re not. 2NE1 and 4Minute came before them, and they both had girl-crush concepts, though 2NE1’s could lean to the more bad-ass side. It’s disrespectful of BLINKS and just general people and fans to disregard them when they paved the way for the concept BlackPink have that you all love. I really wish people would understand that. There are so many other girl groups that had that concept before BP, too.


MAMA peaked with 2ne1’s surprise stage in 2015. As far as i’m concerned, no stage or collab or performance that has happened since or will happen in the future could ever surpass that.

I just re-listened to 2ne1’s Fire and I forgot how iconic the whole song is, especially the beginning. Shame on me!

2ne1 was literally CL and the girls. There was almost like a hierarchy system going with CL at the top and Minzy at the bottom. I can’t help but feel a bit bitter, knowing that Minzy was given the left over lines eventhough she had the best vocal technique in the group, instead CL got an unnecessary amount of vocal lines eventhough she rapped too. I honestly don’t blame Minzy at all for leaving the group since she got little to no attention from YG. YG’S favouritism destroyed the group.

I’m really bummed that 2NE1 got treated the way they did. Those girls seriously set some new standards in the industry and were overall very sweet and talented. For YG to just let them drop off the face of the planet like that is f*cked up. Honestly does YG even care about any of his artists? Bc I feel like in the end, they have to do all the work themselves and even then don’t get treated well.

I really miss 2ne1. I would really love to see a girl group pick up their mantle. And no, despite getting their songs, Black Pink is nothing like them (which is fine, they rock heir own thing). But I want another group like them. Not girl crush. More tough, more attitude, more personality.

I have a feeling that when YG debuts another girl group, in 10 years or so, people will constantly compare said group to BlackPink like they compare BlackPink to 2NE1.