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Kpop peaked with 2pm’s and 2am’s cover of abracadabra. The closest we’ve gotten since was big byung, but even that doesn’t really compare

I’ve noticed how, for males idols, JYP tends to guys that are “daddy”material. Some that come to mind are 2PM’s Teacyeon, GOT7’s JB and Stray Kids’ Bang Chan. But of course, most members of their respective groups do too (except the minors), but those 3 stand out the most to me

I remember when 2pm became known as the first “beastly” idols – and I’m ready for a group to pick up that “concept” again.

Jung Hae In looks so similar to Junho from 2PM. Is it just me?

I’ve completely fallen for Junho after seeing him in Just Between Lovers (late i know). His acting was outstanding for an idol in every way. His solo songs are so unique. His speaking voice is deep and his singing voice is the exact opposite; the duality. He has such beautiful eyes and his smile is so charming. He’s an animal lover and he’s come a long way in this industry. My bias in 2PM used to be JunK and I’ve seen other movies with Junho in it, but why has it taken me so long to notice him?

JYPE is soo weak, I don’t even understand why they’re one of the big 3. Got7 is just trying to be bts and twice want to look like blackpink, since blackpink debuted twice kind of changed their style. That’s why I dislike JYPE. They’re so unoriginal. They even failed with wonder girls when snsd debuted. And don’t let me talk about 2pm… miss a was the only good enough idol group

me after my favs have a comeback


jay: what time is it

someone: *checks watch* 2 pm


for real ????