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You know something big is about to happen when:

  1. Yoongi inhales deeper than hell.
  2. Hoseok pulls his cap lower.

When you see a cute guide dog but you can’t pet it because it’s a hard working professional

Crush: “I am all alone, I really need someon-”


“Omg don’t look now but the person behind you-”


“I will never get over this look”

Couples costume idea

You have 0.5 seconds to tell BTS something, what would you say?

Rain drop

Drop top

Dirty thoughts about what’s on Yoongi’s laptop

Taehyung: Just do it 🎷
Yoongi: Did you just use a saxophone as a Nike icon?

My child: Mommy, why is my cousin named Daisy?
Me: Because your aunt loves flowers
My child: So why did you name me after?
Me: Enough questions SBS Inkigayo Ep.929 MIC DROP by BTS minute 3:35