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I don’t understand why some people even had thoughts in their minds that Ahn Yujin and Jang Wonyoung might not make it and defended them both when their ranks dropped. They were Mnet’s daughters from the start so of course they’re gonna make them debut one way or another. It was just THAT obvious. Even one of them got first, which I am not even surprised like, one them had to have center to satisfy Mnet.

I’m shocked that there aren’t more people who think that Ahn Yujin looks like Cheng Xiao. When I saw her last year in Jeong Sewoon’s “Just U”, I thought that she was Cheng Xiao at first. In my opinion she’s even prettier than Cheng Xiao.

In the last episode of Produce 48 I didn’t like how “I AM” ’s team  faked a reaction acting like they aren’t the reason Lee Chaeyeon got kicked out and I saw Ahn Yujin making a side smile. That silence right after was so awkward because it was obvious they were faking a cry and even Choi Yena was hiding her face meanwhile Lee Kaeun said, “Yujin don’t go” before they knew who’s getting kicked out between them. I don’t know about Heo Yoonjin, she looked sort of mad but the only one actually sorry was Takahashi Juri. I know someone had to be kicked out but at least don’t be fake and I felt so bad for Chaeyeon because she was their leader and she cried real tears unlike them for a long time but they obviously think of her as a threat.

Admin Note: I didn’t watch “Produce 48,” so I have no idea which exact episode the OP is referring to.  However, this opinion was sent in when we opened the box around mid-August. – Katherine

I used to like Ahn Yujin because of her personality but she turned out to be so different these past episodes. When she dropped literally a few ranks to number 4 during the eliminations she said that she is sad and disappointed  but yet she is still in the top 12 and the others who got eliminated would strive to be in the spot she was in. To me it made me think unless she is number 1, then she won’t be fully happy with what other rank she has.

I’m still not over the fact that Ahn Yujin from Starship Entertainment is only a 2003 liner! She looks so mature!