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I’m tired of armies calling every talented female rapper a female yoongi like most the time they don’t even have anything in common might as well call yoongi asian eminem tf

I love that the beyhive teamed up with us army. Two powerful fandoms that love and support talented legendary artist, it’s like the best fandom friendship armys have ever had. 💜🐝

I knew some ARMY were toxic but recent event showed me just how toxic and quick can be. The event that took place was that during an interview with the band, 5 Seconds of Summer, they got asked if they would collaborate with BTS, one of the members said “he didn’t a collaboration happening because their music style was so different.” Some Army started called him racist and xenophobic. Not wanting to collaborate with BTS, doesn’t make someone racist, simply makes them not interested.

It’s hard being a laid back army because I want to defend the innocent part of my fandom but we keep getting grouped in with the shitty fans. We’re always told to fix the bad side but first of all, that’s not my job, I’m here to stan BTS, and second of all, unfortunately that’s a lot of people. And we do go out of our way to report the awful people or call them out but they don’t listen to us. There’s literally 20 million of us on Twitter what are we supposed to do?

As someone who has been into kpop for a while I’m really tired of ARMY pulling the victim card. When BTS was getting on their feet internationally it wasn’t just ARMY who were voting for them or promoting them. I get that they were feuding with a fanclub, but not everyone is part of it. So to see that they insist on chewing out other groups and bullying smaller groups that are in the same situation they were…

The ARMY and EXO-L rivalry is getting ridiculous. It reminds me of directioners vs beliebers from 2012-2013. Its not that deep people. Its music. Listen to it, dont make a drama out of it.

When an ugly Youtuber made a video reacting to NCT for the first time, He made a lot of nasty and xenophobic comments about them, then proceeded to boost up BTS and explain why they’re better. So many Army defended and agreed with him, both on Twitter and Youtube, even though his dislike for NCT aside, many of his comments were really messed up. Now later an Australian tv show has said some nasty racist things about BTS, and every fandom on Twitter is outraged, yet still some Army are thinking they’re all alone, no one’s talking about it, no one cares.. it’s like, what do they want from us? I feel like they only see what they want to see. Army need to realise that not only do racist and xenophobic comments affects us all, whether fandoms are talking about it or not, but that they can’t act like the bullies who hurt them in high school, while also playing the victims. They need to pick a side.

I don’t like how conceited some Armys are to think that the color purple belongs to BTS alone and act like no one else should be associated with the color when purple isn’t even BTS’ official color. Plus there have been Kpop groups/idols who have used purple or some shade of it as their official color (Ladies Code for example). They need to not act like everything purple is related to BTS

I’m so proud of armys after the whole australian news incident. we really worked together to demand respect for our boys (even though it was a half-assed apology) i love how we’re able to come together because at the end of the day, we will always be shooters for bangtan

It really saddens me to see people throwing around that “armys have a victim complex” so shamelessly. I know that most people who say this are newer kpop stans, but they really should look into what bts and armys went through, especially in 2015-2016. I’ve never seen a group/fandom get that much hate from the community. Black oceans, numerous hateful hashtags trending, sajaegi accusations, people literally calling music and award shows and even the blue house of korea to ask for bts to be eliminated/disqualified.. There was so much hate… That’s why I feel like armys who have been here since early years have a reason to not trust other fandoms; it’s not a “victim complex”, it’s just that we got used to only being able to have ourselves and no one else.