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I know that groups really have to push themselves their rookie year to be known but I’m really concerned with the amount of injuries Ateez has already had. They’re amazing but it’s too much.

ateez’s san is one of my favourite rookies of the whole year. his voice is great, his dancing is beyond great (shocked when i found out he wasn’t their main dancer) + his visuals are really nice and pretty unique. more than anything, i think he has some of if not the best stage presence of any rookie idol this year. his facial expressions are flawless and don’t look like he’s trying too hard, and he seems to have a lot of personality on stage which i really like. i can’t wait for their comeback!

ive seen so many people say that ateez’s music is absolutely terrible and just downright the worst, so I was always anxious to listen to them. but I finally did and I can’t help but think that they were overreacting. I’m not gonna say all their songs are absolutely amazing, but they’re not as bad as people made them out to be

i find it really hard to learn the members of ateez because it’s hard to distinguish them by something other than their hair. they’re all styled the same with contacts and makeup and they all have similar features – sharp cheekbones and sultry eyes… it’s hard to tell them apart

Whether you stan them or not you really can’t deny that Ateez and Stray Kids are the best rookies. I’ve been into kpop since 2012 and watched many of the larger groups since debut and none of them started off with the amount of talent/charisma these two groups exude.

Ateez’s Seonghwa is one of the most breathtaking idols I’ve ever seen; he doesn’t look real.

This Wave era is doing wonders for Yunho. He’s shining. Who knew a little blue would do that?

Ateez are incredible. Half the veterans in the industry don’t have close to their stage presence.

idk what it is about short male idols (hongjoong, woozi, hwanwoong) but i just love them. my lil’mans.

the corners of yunho’s (ateez) lips are so cute