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No matter which way I looked at it people defending B.I during his drug scandal didnt make any logical sense and they would’ve been better off just being upfront and saying that they were going to stand by him bc they already liked him, didn’t think it was that deep etc because the hoops they were jumping through was just funny after a while. They claimed he never did drugs when he himself said he did do drugs(which could’ve been the weed that was mentioned in earlier convos or anything else) in the text with han sohee and thats why he trusted her. They claimed he was too scared to actually buy the lsd but from how he was asking for a discount on the drugs like he was in a costo every other text im nearly positive that ultimately his discount just didn’t come through and he couldn’t afford it. They claim that yg never protected him and was throwing him out and under the bus so they completely ignored all the reports of yg forcing and paying han sohee to take his name off her original statements when she was arrested on drug charges. Yg even went as far to involve another idol(lee seunghoon) in attempts to cover hanbins ass. Yg also put out a statement defending him and hanbin still choose to leave. Yes i do believe that this could possibly be another coverup for burning sun but considering the lengths yg went to i honestly doubt it. Fans are just in denial that an idol, the leader especially, would voluntarily leave and ruin their idea of the perfect like family idol group. And when he did leave they started the rumors of him being missing etc which sounds so sad if only there was any evidences to back all that up. They claim that he was seeking to self medicate with lsd while once again the text, in his own words, he said he wanted to do lsd to become a genius. And lets not forget how they continuously conveniently pretended like he was seeking out weed instead of lsd in attempts to downplay what he was doing. The amount of people i seen crying about him getting kicked out for wanting to do weed gave me a damn headache. And then the whole ‘dispatch is evil for exposing a drug user’ thing was dizzying as well. As an american i certainly understand our lax attitude towards drug use but do i condone it? No, but obviously a lot of people do and don’t mind the money they spend supporting idols to work towards feeding idols drug habits. It all was pathetic and a prime example of stans selective reading and poor comprehension skills.

First it was Pentagon not standing up for E’Dawn.  Then it was iKon not standing up for B.I.  Both of them carried their groups to stardom, and the other members totally betrayed them when they were kicked out for nonsense reasons.  This just goes to show that no matter how close idols appear, many won’t think twice about stabbing you in the back when there’s money on the line.  It’s depressing to know that there are probably a lot more idols I admire who, when put to the test, would put money over morality and loyalty.

I find i both hilarious and scary how easily everyone seem to belive b.i. Didn’t do any drugs just because he said so. I’m not saying he absolutely did it, but i think it’s pretty naive to blindly believe he didn’t use any by just going off his word. People lie to protect themselves all the time. He absolutely didn’t deserve to be kicked out of his group, but come on people, don’t be so easily convinced without any proof whatsoever.

BI/IKON’s fandom is just as deluded as Seungri’s defenders. Yes, what he did isn’t as bad as V.I, but how YG handled it is the same. YG did all they could for BI’s reputation judging that they covered his drug use (which I don’t rlly care about) for over 3 years. There’s no way BI didn’t know it was covered up because he wasn’t investigated after initial allegations. In both cases, YG used his connections with police/prosecutors and the last Korean govt admin to coverup his idols illegal actions

i hope hanbin gets a girlfriend/boyfriend/whatever so he stops writing depressing ass lyrics

People try to say it’s not a big deal that idols produce their own music but, for a few groups if they didn’t have a member who produced they probably would rarely have a come back. Ex Ikon’s B.I.

People try to say it’s not a big deal that idols produce their own music but, for a few groups if they didn’t have a member who produced they probably would rarely have a come back. Ex Ikon’s B.I.

I hate the way B.I sounds at the beginning of Love Scenario and bc if that I’ve never made it pass that first annoyingly grating opening line even despite the fact that everyone keeps saying it should be the soty and that it was so good 🙄

I know I’m super late on this one but I only watched Mix&Match a few weeks ago and I can’t say how underwhelmed I was with that Let it Go performance of B.I’s team. Everyone hyped it up so much that I had huge expectations and it really let me down. I personally liked Jinhwan’s Treasure way better and I’m sad it got such low scores.

YG was lucky to find and hone a talent like Hanbin from iKON. He’s writing so many interesting things and only getting better- I can’t wait to see what else he’ll bring to the table in the next few years.