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I thought Baekhyun being in SuperM was kinda random but SOMEBODY has to hit high notes so there he is.

Baekhyun’s super power truly is seeing the future. UN Village is about a romantic couple out on a date on a hill behind UN Village, and recently we learned that Jihyo and Kang Daniel are in a relationship and that Kang Daniel’s house is in UN Village. Baekhyun is also lowkey a snitch, lmao (just joking).

I’m not a Baekhyun anti or anything, but he was never really one of my favourites in EXO. I liked his voice, but all his solo work prior to “City Lights” I was never really interested in. That being said, I think “City Lights” is a fire album with absolutely no skips. I was really impressed and surprised by how much I liked it on the first listen, especially since I don’t even like some of my favourite artists music on the first listen sometimes. In terms of Exo’s main vocal line, I definitely think Baekhyun’s City Lights is the best thing ever. I don’t even think I listened to Chen’s album; the title track put me right to sleep. And DO.. well he hasn’t done much but I doubt he would have put out an album with as many bangers as Baekhyun did.

I’ve never followed exo, but that music bank interview they did after baekhyun had downed what he thought was water but actually was soju is so funny. Everything about it is so perfect, from how he’s acting, to the other member’s faces, to irene and bogum (the hosts) desperately trying to hold in their laughing. It never gets old.

Admin Note: Here is the interview OP is talking about.

I love that Baekhyun has his own YouTube channel where he vlogs casual parts of his day! the one which included his dog is my literal favorite!

Baekhyun looks a lot like Eevee (the pokemon) to me. The resemblance is uncanny.

The Baekyeon scandal/mess was iconic itself but Durex congratulating them was a cherry on top.

My fav improvised choreo bit would be the one in which Baekhyun splits his heart into 2 and puts one into Jongin. And Jongin actually goes along with him because dancing is his passion.

I want baekhyun to do metal screams. He voice was made for this.

I’m worried about Baekhyun and this sasaeng situation. This has been going on for too long. I hate SM and how they aren’t doing anything to protect their idols because sasaengs spend lots of money on idols. Baekhyun seems done with this situation and I’m scared for his safety since sasaengs seem to dislike his “attitude”.