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honestly, after the incident with chan in april, stay fandom really went downhill. i don’t think it was right to mindlessly defend him, but what really made me sick was some stays calling pocs racial slurs and other horrible stuff. i can’t believe how immature and disrespectful some of you were and still are. always treat others with respect and how you wanna be treated. i thought yall were taught this in grade school.

3racha will never write a better masterpiece than Wow. 😫 They came close with N/S for Stray Kids, but still. 😩

Why are stays getting so defensive over ot8/2racha stans? Bang Chan has now fucked up TWICE, and honestly speaking I feel like black stays have every right to unstan him if they choose to. As long as they aren’t sending him any hate I don’t see the problem.

“Illuminated by the light on my laptop” will forever be the line that makes me go crazy over Bangchan.

Mixtape #STAY was a cute idea and all but the overspam of comments telling Chan to listen to it while he’s on vlive is too much/ kind of cringey. He’s probably already listened to it and how he feels about it may or may not be why he won’t listen to it while he’s live-streaming.

I’ve noticed how, for males idols, JYP tends to guys that are “daddy”material. Some that come to mind are 2PM’s Teacyeon, GOT7’s JB and Stray Kids’ Bang Chan. But of course, most members of their respective groups do too (except the minors), but those 3 stand out the most to me

Chan saying that he CHOSE to have cornrows pretty much discredited the whole “idols have no say in how they’re styled” argument for me. I’m pretty sure he’s seen the backlash other idols of gotten from similar situations so the fact that he decided to do it anyway is like a slap in the face.

I love how Bang Chan always thinks about fanboys as well, like specifically greeting us at the end of his Vlive. Stray Kids hasn’t disappointed me yet.

There is sth about Bang Chan that just makes me fall in love with him. He is a great singer, rapper and dancer and he is so passionate about what he does and works so hard. I just wish him the best

I have a huge amount of respect for Bangchan, he’s one of the strongest leaders in the new wave.