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The BTS Mama award acceptance speech for artist of the year I think was so touching. Every single time I watched it I cry. Not because I’m super attached or shit to my oppas but because I’m human. At the end of the day we all live and die. These boys work so hard to please people. That’s what they do. Entertain. Hate is the worst thing going on rn in this world and this community is full of it , especially for them. So next time you catch yourself commenting something negative. Question why. These people work so hard and you still shit on them for the stupidest reasons. And if you do. I will fight back. Call me the bad guy. Call me toxic . Call me delusional and extra. In fact I haven’t been in the kpop scene for ages. But if I see hate I will fight back. In all forms. It starts in the roots , in the smallest places. Seemingly pointless places. So take this to heart and be nice.

BTS really know how to put on a show. Both at their concerts and especially award shows, but I wish they would stop using pre-recorded VCR performances. Like with their MMA performance, it was amazing, but half of it was pre-recorded. I know it’s so they can change outfits, but it really takes away some of the magic for me.

I didn’t like Suga’s Interlude, sadly. I think Halsey’s and Suga’s voice didn’t mesh well at all in that song

BTS need to address their fans and all the things they do. If they’ve seen things about how they’re shipped, or ARMYs nicknames for them, like Jin being a fairy and such, then they should see the masses of hate they give to other groups. Obviously, not all ARMYs, but a significant amount of them. Other idols, like Taeyeon, who addressed how people ambushed her at airports, and other groups who expose their saesangs and such, yet for the most part, BTS talk about how amazing their fans are.

i really like seokjin and i think he’s a great guy. i recognise that he improved tons over the years and i respect that, but i dislike his voice. i’m NOT a pro but everytime he sings his voice sounds really forced to me personally. but like i said, i think he’s great and still got a lot of potencial. i wish him and the boys only the best. ps. if youre think of responding “just dont listen to their songs, then”, i already dont. i RARELY do, and thats just something that stands out to me.

I don’t know who and what the stylist in BIGHIT eat and read as their inspiration to style BTS, but none of BTS fashion, costumes, even in their photograph and interviews lately really define them as stylish group. So I don’t understand why Vogue tell the world that? is Vogue Fashion Taste finally left the chat?

BTS performance in Melon Music Awards 2019 must be one of the the most boring, tackiest and most obnoxious performance that I saw in Kpop group. I don’t know what’s inside their mind when they actually plan for it. I don’t even know what’s inside the MMA 2019 organizer to actually let them perform it? It’s not even “artsy” enough… something that I know ARMY like to claimed…

I love BTS but I’m glad 2019 is almost over. Wasn’t my favorite year for them. I liked everything in the beginning, and get that they wanted fans all over the world to have a chance to experience their work live, and obviously i’m extremely grateful for the amount of work they put into things to gives us new content so often. But, my interest with their current stuff died back in July. Still adore them though and am looking forward to their next comeback

I feel like BTS released one bad title track one time (DNA) but it unexpectedly blew up and became the catalyst for all their terrible generic title tracks since, with the exception of Spring Day. With that being said, clearly they’re at a level of fame where they can release just about anything and their fans will eat it up, so it’ll be nice if they went back to their older sound

The whole Jimin Paris “scandal” was so ridiculous. He was literally doing nothing wrong or scandalous. Jeez.