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BTS did not pave the way for anyone but themselves. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course, but I’mma need ARMYs to stop acting like it matters for other groups. Just stan your group and go.

As a Brazillian, I’m so thankful for how BTS treats us emeralds (BR armys). It warms my heart.

You may hate DNA, but you can’t deny it: V’s opening verse is IT.

I don’t find Yoongi particularly attractive, except when he has blonde hair. He looked so freaking good in the ‘August D’ music video. Along with the whole feel of the video and his attitude (especially the scene where he’s smirking and holding up the middle finger), it made me think he’s hot. But again, only with blonde hair for some reason.

Ok so this paved the way talk. First why does someone have to pave the way? Second if someone did anyway then it’s clearly BTS . I think there’s no argument imo. Ofc it’s easier to see the impact they’ve made after they’re gone but even from here it’s pretty easy to see. There are gonna be those people in the comments who will say people from 2nd gen did it but didn’t groups before them do that? Those groups did a skip and a step to further kpop and it’s reputation but BTS fricking used the spacex rocket to further it and it’s still flying. BTS practically did better than all these acts combined ( idk the stats but just look 👀) the only person playing h.o.t is my dad .( Supposed to be a harmless joke don’t take it seriously ) But before I trigger you further what does it take to pave the way? Paving the way technically means to make passage, make it easier for someone to walk along, make progress or development easier. If big bang and others really made kpop more known than bts then why weren’t they more popular at the beginning. These days when a new group crops up everyone and their mother seems to know. Everglow, golden child, trcng…. and especially 3ye for example, already racking up views when I had no idea they existed. If it was so easy to become popular when BTS debuted why did they get their first win years after deserved? So many more groups are debuting now then disbanding because they want a quick sip of the fame before it disappears. If BTS wasn’t the greatest moving force in kpop why are others of the profession claiming this? They must surely be mistaken and forced to say that and are clout seekers and most certainly don’t know the words coming out of their mouths! Was your first group BTS? If so and you are no longer a fan or don’t believe it was BTS who is a more prevalent influence in the industry than any others why has your opinion changed if indeed it was them who brought you into the very thing you love? You didn’t know big bang existed or said group existed but after knowing they did through another group they suddenly were the reason the knowledge you pertain of other groups exist? That’s kinda hypocrisy…

I’m seriously concerned about jimin’s singing health. I do not know anything about singing, but i was first concerned when people said he sang out of his range a lot and was straining, but i also thought people were dramatic. But i went to a bts concert this year and it was rough to hear him a lot of times. He made quite a lot of mistakes like singing off-key and it just sounded bad at times. i’m concerned because to my knowledge he didn’t do that before. I want him to be healthy and for his voice to be healthy, and i don’t think it is right know. But again i do not know much about singing so maybe i’m overreacting?

I’m tired of armies calling every talented female rapper a female yoongi like most the time they don’t even have anything in common might as well call yoongi asian eminem tf

I love that the beyhive teamed up with us army. Two powerful fandoms that love and support talented legendary artist, it’s like the best fandom friendship armys have ever had. 💜🐝

BigHit really is wasting the opportunity for BTS to have accomplishments outside the group. I was happy to see Taehyung in a drama and yes Suga and Namjoon and Hobi have their mix tapes but the public needs to know them more. And I’m afraid with enlistments coming (and maybe even after) that opportunities for themselves individually will go to waste. Jin especially doesn’t deserve to not be given opportunities.

I don’t understand why BTS pushes Jungkook so much for being the best songwriter of the vocal line. V is clearly more confortable in that departament, and, in my opinion, the one with more potential.