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Not to be that person but honestly no gg music videos will ever top T-ara’s Cry Cry/Lovey Dovey and Day By Day/Sexy Love drama mvs and no bg will top BAP’s Skydive. But GOD do I wanna see more stuff like those

I’ve always wanted a BTS x BAP collab ever since I got into both groups, especially an RM x Yongguk collab. I feel like both of their raps would complement each other super well, considering how each of their lyrics and flow are really beautiful in their own way

After watching that video of B.A.P’s Yongguk doing karaoke to ‘Ordinary People’ I can’t help but hear the similarities between his singing voice (even if he was just playing around) and Woosung from The Rose.

i think bap is going to disband. i doubt theyre going to have another comeback as 6 at this point

Bap honeymoon is one of the best songs kpop has produced for me, and to top it off the music video is so aesthetic 

If TS would give him more chances to create and release solo music officially and not just on SoundCloud, or even if they just promoted B.A.P more, Zelo could be a force to be reckoned with among idol rappers.

When all the news for BAP came flooding in people now decide to turn their heads and act like they know what’s going on. When babyz try to defend our boys and say ‘it’s not your Fandom not your problem’ we are suddenly the rude ones? Its rude that you ignored everything they had done through out the years, it’s rude to disregard their talent, it’s rude you are only able to speak about them when it’s negative. Imo I’d rather have yall ignore them than having my sns flooded with outside ignorance.

When Yongguk smiles, he is the sun personified and I wish everything good for him. But in general, B.A.P all have such wonderful smiles, it makes my heart happy.

EXO’s Mama and B.A.P’s Power Will always be the most memorable debuts in kpop, well at least for me.

Admin Note: B.A.P’s debut song was “Warrior.” “Power” was their first comeback.”

I haven’t really found any teaser picture I’ve liked more than that one random one TS posted of Daehyun in bed for “That’s My Jam”. It was so out of the blue and unrelated to the comeback, not to mention that the numbers on the teaser image did not correspond to any release dates. But it’s weirdly endearing, and is what got me into b.a.p.