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I swear Daragon Shippers are the most annoying people out there. After the recent news broke out with GD and Jooyeon all they could think of was their ship while shaming his girlfriend. You wouldn’t like it if you had a boyfriend and people would tell you that your boyfriend looks better with another girl would you?

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Lately I’ve been thinking about what to do with my instagram account (Our_kpopreact). Would you like it if I post pictures of the Fandom’s selca day? (Of course, giving credit to the owners)

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I know it’s angering to see that a lot of k-netizen comments, especially on Nate, are hating on TOP and even have the galls to say he was “just sleeping”, but let’s remember they do not make up the entire SK population, that just like any other country, there are citizens who don’t bother with the comments section at all, and remember that there have also been positive comments wishing for his recovery, especially on Instiz.

I don’t get the appeal of YG groups. They used to produce good music (old Bigbang and 2ne1). I don’t know how people ‘stan’ their groups when they release only 2 songs per year; one of which is a shitty ballad and the other may or may not (in most cases) be decent. Their new groups especially are riding on the back of the popularity of BB and 2ne1. Fans say they’re talented. What talent? Rap? Non koreans can’t judge that. Their singing is mediocre. Never saw them dance. But even if they are talented, it does’t matter. What matters is the music.

That whole incident with TOP shows that Kpop isn’t just unicorns and innocence. Bad stuff like that is going to happen, it’s the entertainment industry