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The Blackpink hate is getting out of hand. Regardless of how notorious their fandom and company is, that’s not the girls’ fault so I have no idea why so many people insist on blaming them for everything when very little of their issues are actually their fault. It’s crazy the amount of people who just turn a blind eye to anything positive about BP, or any evidence of them improving. You obviously don’t have to support them, but sending them hate online is ridiculous of someone to do.

I don’t think I have ever met an unproblematic blink. One of my older friends even lost a friend because she told her that she wasn’t interested in blackpinks new comeback (this was last year for ddu du ddu du). Istg one third of the fans are solo stans who bash on the other members, the second third are fans that bash on other groups and the last third are liskook shipers.

I do feel bad for favorites like Jennie or Suzy… imagine having old creepy ugly looking yg or jyp lurking after you so openly

I wish Lisa [Blackpink] would stop wearing dark lipstick. Her mouth is disproportionately large in comparison to the rest of her face, and the dark lipstick really emphasizes it

I know BP is the ‘hottest’ girl group, but didnt anyone notice that their songs sound almost the same. Like I kinda like BP’s songs but at a certain point in the song, it just turns me off. They only have about 10 songs and like 6 either sound the same or follow the same kind of random dance break between the chorus. Like ‘KTL’ is an okay song, but only the first half of it, is actually good. I’m also not saying other GGs dont do the same like Twice, it just more noticeable (to me) in BP.

If I’m being honest, (G)-IDLE is everything YG is desperately pushing Black Pink to be. They’ve got that natural swag and their badass attitude really comes off as believable, especially in “Uh-Oh”. Even Yuqi, who’s arguably the cutest member, manages to pull it off. And on top of that they’ve executed every concept perfectly so far – from girl crush to latin-influenced to hip hop to jazz/musical. It’s sad that they don’t seem to be even as half as successful as Black Pink, with almost the same sized discography.

It’s probably not just in the Blink Fandom. But one thing I noticed, how some of the Blinks are CONVINCED that the ships between the girls like JenLisa for example are “fanservice” they even go as far as giving an analysis. Like damn how sad can you get? They don’t even know them personally.

some people say they support women and are feminists until it’s time to stand up for blackpink, and that’s just sad

No one discredits blackpink members as much as their akgaes do. People would praise Jisoo and Jennie akgaes would take offense and shame jisoo and vice versa. It’s crazy how much fighting happens internally in that fandom.

I’m excited for Rosé and Lisa’s solos! Looking forward to them (if they will happen now that they changed ceo) and hoping they will have something similiar to Jennie solo. They would suit it so well 😍