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Blackpink have really lost their edge and I say that as a fan! And I blame the company for that and for limiting each member. Looking back at Whistle and even Boombayah, there was so much creativity in BP’s work. Each member also contributed to songs in ways that were fun and cool. But now BP is just formulaic. Jennie starts the song, Lisa follows up with a verse, and Jisoo and Rosé are stuck on chorus and bridge. I wish there was more of variety in their music.

Blackpink are really loosing their relevance now. YG is going down and in effect blackpink is being dragged down too. Other than Jennie who placed 2nd in brand reputation rankings only 1 member managed to scrape the board at 25 out of 30. Hwasa is really a moving force to be reckoned with changing and challenging perceptions and behaviour as she slays. However best of luck to blackpink as they try to recover from what could be seen as a setback in their otherwise successes

I recently came across an episode of Fantastic Duos (s2, ep19) with Rosé from BP. Her personality seemed really disingenuous, and something about her rubbed me the wrong way. My friend suggested that maybe YG wanted her to act a certain way, but Yunhoe (iKon) was also on that ep. and he seemed totally genuine, so I was just confused. I don’t know much about BP or Rosé, so this could be completely off, her vibe was fake.

Rosé’ solo being continuously pushed back since one year ago, she barely got any solo promotion for 9 months, YG refusing the IU collab IU and Rosé herself wished for and Rosé appearing on the upcoming “Amazing Saturday” episode only thanks to Girls’ Day Hyeri who brought her with her shows how much effort YG puts on her. This makes me so sad cause Rosé doesn’t deserve this…

I wish Everglow would level up from the knock off bp concept that they’re doing now(not as if bp owns the concept they do but lbr adios was so similiar to ktl) bc theyre really talented girls. And Aisha is literally one of the best visuals of the new generation I’d love to see them thrive once they get a little more original

Jisoo has my favorite voice in Blackpink. Love the deeper voice she has and it shines in their last album.

The Blackpink hate is getting out of hand. Regardless of how notorious their fandom and company is, that’s not the girls’ fault so I have no idea why so many people insist on blaming them for everything when very little of their issues are actually their fault. It’s crazy the amount of people who just turn a blind eye to anything positive about BP, or any evidence of them improving. You obviously don’t have to support them, but sending them hate online is ridiculous of someone to do.

I don’t think I have ever met an unproblematic blink. One of my older friends even lost a friend because she told her that she wasn’t interested in blackpinks new comeback (this was last year for ddu du ddu du). Istg one third of the fans are solo stans who bash on the other members, the second third are fans that bash on other groups and the last third are liskook shipers.

I do feel bad for favorites like Jennie or Suzy… imagine having old creepy ugly looking yg or jyp lurking after you so openly

I wish Lisa [Blackpink] would stop wearing dark lipstick. Her mouth is disproportionately large in comparison to the rest of her face, and the dark lipstick really emphasizes it