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block b has the best rapline in kpop. don’t change my mind. the 3 of them have a completely different style and still sound so good. and let me add to: ZICO IS THE BEST KRAPPER.

Bastarz new album “I’m a mess.” is absolutely incredible everyone needs to listen to it. Messed Up is the sexiest intro to an album I’ve ever heard.

I’m so unbelievably sick of hearing non fans give their opinion on Block B. Zico hasn’t left the group, he left the company, the other members are successful in their own right and they’re happy. Jaehyo’s been streaming and he recently had an exhibition, Minhyuk has his cafe, Kyung, P.O and Taeil are releasing their own music, Taeil sold out his solo concert, Ukwon’s working in Japan. The boys are fine.

Zico did not betray or abandon Block B. The group was barely active as it was, three of them have to enlist next year, and it wouldn’t have made any sense for Zico to stick around. All the others may have renewed but, like Zico, they are focusing on their individual activities. Face it – Block B is finished. It’s sad because they’re the group that got me into k-pop, but nothing lasts forever.

Taeil from Block B and his gorgeous voice do not get enough recognition in this world. I still kick myself for sleeping on him as long as I did.

With th news that just very recently came out that Zico might leave in November once his contract is up, really makes me sad. Although I love his solo stuff and how it’s evolved over the last few years, his place is really with block b. I hope that regardless of the outcome, everyone stays happy and healthy in their endeavors.

I appreciate the fact Kyung features lesser known (internationally at least) female singers in his solos. Not only are they all bops, I’ve also gotten to know so many great singers like Jo Hyun Ah, Park Boram, and Sumin! They all have such lovely voices

“Instant” by Kyung was such a bop, it’s a shame it didn’t receive much attention

On July 30, when Zico drops his track featuring IU, all other artists/groups will have to wait a long time because they’re going to be sitting on the roof for a while.

Kyung (BlockB) being on bbc news, talking about what idols go through makes me respect him EVEN more 😊