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When bom talked about her voice during the first episode of queendom and said she wanted to perform early so her voice would still be in good condition, all i could think was girl, if your voice is literally that fragile it’s time for you to find a new job. Just like a runner would call it quits if their ankle was permanently injured, the same goes for singers.

Im so happy to see Park Bom back on shows and putting out music. Watching Queendom is bringing back all my 2ne1 feels.

Park Bom’s cover of HANN (한 (一)) really isn’t good in my opinion. Her voice is so weak now.

It makes me soo sad seing Park Bom having a successful comeback and slaying the charts knowing what could have been all these years when yg wouldn’t bury bom and 2ne1 under the ground and just would let them continue with their music. Bom made this comeback despite the scandal and all the time that passed without her singing and without 2ne1 and yet she was successful. So if yg gave 2ne1 just half of the chances he gave to bigbang they could still be a successful group.

Admin Note: This was sent in when “Spring” was Park Bom’s most recent comeback.

I was so excited for bom’s comeback, and while the song is good, all of the comeback stages were soo underwhelming. I know it has been a while since 2ne1, but i really don’t remember her lacking stage presence this much. The choreography was cool, but she just looked completely dead. i’m left quite disappointed to be honest

I was never a fan of 2NE1, but I hope Bom does well with her solo “Spring” under her new company. She deserves it after enduring years of relentless hate from knetz.

Admin Note: This was sent in before Bom made her comeback.

Seeing Park Bom out again and seeming healthy makes me so happy, she deserves so much. I understand she made a mistake but I honestly don’t think at the time she made the mistake (2010) YG had THAT much power to just make it go away, so I think the courts decided themselves that what she did was not intentionally/of ill will. I’m glad her current company is ready to shut down people who keep re-hashing disproven facts. Park Bom deserves a chance to sing again.

It’s not that Rose’s cover of “You and I” was bad It just doesn’t suite her voice and it sounds so strained. I really think its one of those songs that is hard to replicate by anyone other than Bom.

I’m glad it seems like the agency Park Bom is with is serious about her and her comeback (hope it continues) because I think we were all skeptical about her signing to a new start-up company. I feel like she started it herself partly but wont release any of that info because then any traction the company may have gained would be shadowed by her scandal.

TOP had a drug scandal and fans gave him shit for an hour before defending him and telling everyone he’s a grown and up and that they should move on. At this point its like his scandal didn’t even happen. Bom had a drugs scandal for medication that she was prescribed and actually needed and fans still use that as an excuse to hate her and blame her for 2ne1s fallout and disbandment. Its not just the business that act like Men are more entitled than women its the fans to.