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The extraness of Taiga

When it’s December 31st and someone says “see you next year!”


Jungkook’s brain: “What if I have a child that’s allergic to dogs and I have to get rid of the child”

Me: *notices a pimple on my face*



pic credit honeybubble

*hits blunt*

“I wonder about the person who discovered milk. I mean, what the hell was that person trying to do to the cow?”

Sign: “don’t touch”



gif credit @jihope

Me trying to pick my grades up before the end of the semester

When you’re finally going to sleep but you remember that time someone rejected Jungkook’s burgers

-Anon request-

BTS Red Carpet (maybe these aren’t the best outfits to wear on the Red Carpet but I like them)

As a personal image consultant I enjoyed doing it so much💛

Thank you anon!