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 Please stop with this bullshit!

Who are we to judge people when we know just how it feels to be judged by others?

Can we all just listen to their music and shut the fuck up. Let me remind you that BTS is a boy band not a cult. Not buying their new stuff or not going to the concerts doesn’t make you less of a fan. I don’t have Rihanna’s posters on my bedroom walls and I fucking love her. You just have to love their music, that’s the main reason why they’re working harder than satan, they want to touch our souls with their songs… They don’t want us to fight, they want us to be happy. So stop this. Stop judging people, we never know what someone is going through or what they’re struggling with, so please… hakuna your tatas.

Jungkook: *posts selfie on twitter*



Me, dancing in the club:

My brain:

Jimin: I’m losing confidence


Jungkook singing

is my new religion.

Started from the bottom

Now we’re here

(2nd gif @bwiyomi)

I am proud. You are proud. My dog is proud. Everything is perfect.

Exactly my mood rn… I have to go to sleep boi but I fucking can’t!!


wHO SAID BTS will perform fire and bs&t?? That’s a lie. It isn’t confirmed anywhere. Please don’t play with my heart.