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Jungkook: Do you remember what time we eated last night?
Namjoon: Ate*
Jungkook: Nah it was earlier… I’ll figure it out

Jimin: Come on~ I wasn’t that drunk!
Jungkook: You tried to color my face with a highlighter because you said I was important.
Jimin: *tearing up* But you are.

Jungkook: *sticks fingers in bowling ball*
Bowling ball: Daddy
Jungkook: Wtf

Officer: License and registration
Taehyung: *hands officer a card*
Officer: This is a get out of jail free card from the game of monopoly
Taehyung: Yes
Officer: You got lucky this time. Have a good night.

Jungkook: “I have no fears”

Taehyung: “What if you woke up one day and Jimin was taller than you?”



Taehyung: I need you to come get me right now
Seokjin: Omg are you OK?
Taehyung: I’m fine
Taehyung: I’m on that date and she just… She just said she doesn’t really like dogs???? Like wtf please save me

Seokjin: There’s 21 letters in the alphabet right?
Namjoon: …26.
Seokjin: OH, sorry. I forgot u r a q t.

Taehyung: It takes at least 3 months to get the saxophone to sound right.
Jungkook: First of all, I am Jungkook.

Jimin: Can you give me some advise?
Yoongi: Did you try turning your relationship off and then back on again?
Seokjin: Did you try putting your relationship in rice?

Taehyung: Ever realize humans cut down bird’s houses to make birdhouses?
Yoongi: How high are you?
Taehyung: 5.10