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I’m tired of armies calling every talented female rapper a female yoongi like most the time they don’t even have anything in common might as well call yoongi asian eminem tf

I love that the beyhive teamed up with us army. Two powerful fandoms that love and support talented legendary artist, it’s like the best fandom friendship armys have ever had. 💜🐝

BigHit really is wasting the opportunity for BTS to have accomplishments outside the group. I was happy to see Taehyung in a drama and yes Suga and Namjoon and Hobi have their mix tapes but the public needs to know them more. And I’m afraid with enlistments coming (and maybe even after) that opportunities for themselves individually will go to waste. Jin especially doesn’t deserve to not be given opportunities.

I don’t understand why BTS pushes Jungkook so much for being the best songwriter of the vocal line. V is clearly more confortable in that departament, and, in my opinion, the one with more potential.

BTS is signed to the most powerful entertainment company in the US (and arguably outside of it) yet nobody will point fingers at them like they do other companies about media play and manipulation of the industry. From being “invited” to the Grammy museum and also being a presenter, their company is largely in bed with the Grammy’s and other spaces. It’s also why with more networking power done this year, they will be nominated for a Grammy and win one. Everyone else is “cheating” but not BTS?

I always feel bad because I fell for the early taehyungs personality and ever since he started to grow and act more mature I just dont click with him anymore and i know he was magnifying his extraness in the early days which just makes me feel worse.. I dont hate or even dislike him now I just dont feel the same and i feel just all around less interested in him and i hate that.. it makes me feel so guilty..

m tired of seeing western artists collab with BTS. A lot of these songs have no flow and the artist sounds out of place. I wish BTS would do more songs with other kpop groups or soloists.

I don’t understand BTS fans hating on other artists for apparently “buying views” and not being “organic” when mass streaming is not organic either? If y’all don’t know what organic means, it means natural. And if you’re skipping school and work, using VPN to hide your real address, using several different devices and mass streaming consistently, those views are not organic views, and it’s the reason why YT deletes a lot of them. Just because BH doesn’t pay Army for their labour, doesn’t mean BTS views are any more organic than Black Pink’s or anyone else’s. Not to mention, paying for advertisements is like, a normal business thing to do for any company, whether it’s online or other forms of social media. Every time I go to IG, or FB or YOUTUBE and see a BTS ad, I promise you, it was no one other than BH who paid for that ad to show up. They’re not special.

Whenever someone says “no one dislikes BTS, it’s their fans they can’t stand” I always think to myself ‘except me.. I really don’t like either’. I understand why the distinction is made, I get why all the blame is put on their fans. But we can’t act like BTS haven’t done some things a lot of other ‘canceled’ groups have done. Plus their fans do have the ability to make people irrationally not like them. Even though I don’t hate them, their fans think anyone who doesn’t love them does, so I guess the distinction should continue being made or else their fans wouldn’t attempt to listen to criticisms (not that they do now, but yknow what I mean)

BTS’ music is generic and repetitive, and that’s why it’s selling. At least the music they’ve been releasing for the last 3 years is. I’m sure many of their Korean fans may think differently, but on an international level, the majority of their fans can not understand Korean, and therefore, like most int’l Kpop fans, decide if they like a song based on how it generally sounds, flows, and sometimes the visuals. Translated lyrics may help, but no one is listening to a BTS song for the first time and feeling a strong emotional connection to it. Sometimes even with translations int’l fans don’t understand the underlying meaning to their songs and it’s got to be explained to them. And honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes generic music flops, and sometimes it sells. For BTS it worked out, so congrats to them, I wish them the best in their music journey.