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Dramatic by BVNDIT sounds almost identical to Rumour (Produce 48) to me.

Bvndit deserves rookie of the year. I was really surprised when I watched their video for Hocus Pocus. It was not what I imagined but I was really blown away by them. First their visuals: Incredible. They’re all so naturally pretty and cute. Yeah all idols typically look good, but it’s not usual, at least for me, to be surprised by the visuals of every single member of a group the first time I see them. Vocally: They’re amazing. I have never seen a group where every single member had amazing vocals. All 5 of them sung and every single one sounded like a main or lead vocalists; no subs in this group! Finally their dancing. It was more so when I watched their dance video for their song Dramatic that I noticed this, but they are incredible dancers, and their choreos are so tight. Anyways, stan Bvndit, rookies of the year!

my favourite debut so far this year has been bvndit, and it makes me really sad that they’re not getting any recognition. their dancing is amazing (check out their covers/choreos) , their singing is really good and they’re all super sweet. plus, hocus pocus is ridiculously catchy.