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Still don’t get how JYP kept the Itzy sister and not the Izone sister. Obviously one is way more talented in terms of dancing and vocals.

I’m not one to cry a lot but during Produce 48 final episode when Sakura was asked if she had a person she was thinking about at the moment and she said Chaeyeon, thanked her and said she hopes they debut together, I nearly cried my eyes out.

Where is the special dance stage we deserve with Seungyeon, Soojin, Yeji, Chaeyong, Chaeryong, Lisa, Mijoo, Yooa, Seulgi and Momo? If only fan wars werent a thing…

chaeyeon from izone is amazing! she has great vocal and dancing skills. she has an adorable laugh and she seems very caring. honestly i can’t see izone being izone without her in the line up. i hope once they disband wm decides to take a similar route with her as mnh had with chungha and make her a soloist

Before I start, I’m not saying any person OWNS a particular look, however, I really feel like JYP is trying to make Chaeyoung into a combination of “hot” rappers. She looked and sounded exactly like JVCKI WAI in that gayo stage and after CLC’s Yeeun went viral with her blonde bob Chaeyoung had the same haircut. Jyp needs to let her be herself, she’s an incredible rapper and lyricist and she should be allowed to showcase that, not mimick other artists.

Even though they’re in different groups and companies now, I’m happy that the Lee sisters (Chaeryeong and Chaeyeon) both finally got to debut.

Sakura and Chaeyeon’s friendship is so pure. It’s funny how Chaeyeon found out Sakura was popular after she decided to help her.

Chaeyeon stans need to stop putting down other izone girls. They’re gonna be in a group together for the next 2.5 years so maybe cool your superiority complex?

The only one worth stanning the group IZ*ONE for is Lee Chaeyeon and it’s so weird for me to think about if it was an eleven membered group like the past seasons then she wouldn’t have made it. I’m happy she debuted after trying so hard in 3 survival shows but at the same time I wish she debuted in a group with different members. That line up ruined it for me and she at least deserved a much higher rank. Honestly, she should’ve been the one winning the center position.