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honestly, after the incident with chan in april, stay fandom really went downhill. i don’t think it was right to mindlessly defend him, but what really made me sick was some stays calling pocs racial slurs and other horrible stuff. i can’t believe how immature and disrespectful some of you were and still are. always treat others with respect and how you wanna be treated. i thought yall were taught this in grade school.

I don’t know, I just think some fandom jokes need to remain solely in the fandom and shouldn’t be told the members. Like the whole “baby girl” thing with Chan (skz) was funny at first on social media, but then it just got hella cringey when people started spamming their live stream with comments saying it.

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Jun from U-Kiss/UNB is such a natural born all round entertainer, I hope this stint with UNB really gets his name out there and we can see way more of him in the future. Actually, that goes for Chan A.C.E/UNB as well!

I’m not a Stray Kids anti by any means, I actually really like them a lot. But I feel as though Chan, Jisung and Changbin could’ve easily debuted as 3RACHA as a rap/hip hop group. All three are amazing rappers and all can sing. In my opinion, Jisung has the best voice out of the whole lot. But then again I’m really happy that they got to debut as a Stray Kids, which is the best choice because they wouldn’t get the exposure and thrown in the dungeon if they weren’t in a “normal kpop group”

It makes me feel really bad cause I think he’s a good kid but iKON’s Chanwoo is very forgettable. I totally forgot he was in iKON until like ¾ of the way through Love Scenario. He either doesn’t have the same stage presence as the other members because he’s still young or YG doesn’t give him enough time to shine on his own but I hope that whatever it is, that is changes because he seems really sweet and I want him to mature as a singer.