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I still can’t get over the fact that DO is enlisting soon. And it’s not because I’m just going to miss him, but more so because I feel it’s so random. Like he just woke up bored one day and thought “well my group isn’t doing shit so I may as well just enlist now, get this over with, and maybe by the time I get back my agency will have something for me to do”. Although I do hope multiple members next year enlist too. I want them to get it over with while I’m occupied with other groups atm lol

Admin Note: This was sent in before D.O. officially enlisted in the military.

I’m honestly sad about D.O. enlisting in the military. I will miss the sound of an angel on any upcoming albums from EXO.

I like fluffy long hair on Kyunsoo but I’m glad that BaldSoo exists in history. He has a very unique charm: sometimes looks very squishy and then other times looks like a mafia boss.

Although extremely unlikely, I think a collab of some of the more soulful vocalists would sound so cool. Voices like BB’s Daesung, EXO’s Kyungsoo, WINNER’s Seungyoon, SVT’s Seungkwan, SHINEE’s Onew, DAY6’s Sungjin, and GOT7’s Youngjae.

(I’m sending this in because I don’t remember if I sent it in already) I know some people think instead of forcing idols to sing live with really difficult choero, they should just have easy choreo, but honestly, if someone is a vocal and it’s hard for them to sing and dance at the same time, why don’t they just stop dancing? I notice it more with EXO; if it’s DO’s turn to sing, even if it’s just a backing vocal, he stops ALL movement, belts, then gets right back into formation. It doesn’t look bad and even when he is dancing, because he is a vocal, he really does the bare minimum most times and people don’t slag him for it, especially because he always delivers vocally. I think all the members except the dance line do this, or they do much smaller movements in one place. I don’t watch a lot of other groups live shows, but I wonder if many of them do this as well, it might make performing easier.

I think it’s so nice that many people who react or watch EXO videos for the first time are immediately enamoured with DO because “he’s so cute” lol Everyone always looks at him like he’s a baby or think he’s the youngest. I think that’s great. He deserves the love and attention. Especially since a lot of Exo fans see him as a demon 🙄

I can’t believe I really encountered someone who doesn’t think EXO have a good vocal line. I didn’t want to fight them, but I should have because some opinions are just trash. Like you can hate EXO and their music and their fans, but to just lie for the sake of lying and pretend like Baekhyun, Chen, and DO aren’t incredible vocalist is such a stupid thing to do imo. And no, it’s not about personal taste, this person cited themselves as a vocal major, lol as if.

Do Kyungsoo is so attractive to me. His eyes are beautiful, his smile i actually find endearing, and I actually think he looked hella sexy with his really short hair

Kyungsoo recently talked about composing music together with Chanyeol. I know SM wants to release the perfectly polished songs by writers who went to schools to learn music (those songs are better i know). But i hope they release the songs composed by members too, as b-tracks. It’s also a trend these days, and fans would love to see exo members’ taste.

I was always unimpressed by idols actors, but I’ve seen Kyungsoo’s acting and it totally changed my mind. It’s obvious to tell he cares about both his idol career and his acting career and I look up to him so much more because he juggles the two like an expert