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I hope that even though Jimin will no longer be a JYPE artist after this month ends, her friendship with other JYPE idols like Jae and Momo will still be strong.

Time of Our Life sounds like an anime theme song. It has the same vibe and feeling as Zenzenzense from Kimi no na wa.

Yo, can Young K stop being so damn good at everything like as if being able to sing, dance, rap, beatbox, being a human trumpet, etc. wasn’t enough, he slays even tough Spanish tongue twisters with native-like pronuncation (with sexy rolled r’s to boot), too?!

I will never understand how people say that all the songs during the 2nd half of every Day6 sound the same. The only ones that are genuinely alike to the point of getting them mixed up are I loved you and I smile- none of the other titles sound remotely similar. It’s just because they’re slower that people try and group them together.

I don’t get why people deny this. DAY6 members ARE idols. They’re an idol band just like CNBLUE or FT Island. They trained and were formed by their company. They have photocards, fansigns, fansites, and lightsticks (sort of). Their comebacks are promoted with the same kinds of photo and music video teasers as idol groups. They promote on music shows and guest on variety. They even have a designated rapper. The only difference is that they have instruments instead of choreography.

Seeing Sungmin from Day6 is liking seeing how Jungkook will look 5 years from now.

Sungjin and Chaeyeong could be siblings honestly. Maybe because they both remind me of Bob the builder.

I don’t know what it is about Yoon Dowoon that makes me think he’s a child that just hit his teenage years. I have to constantly remind myself that he’s a grown man. I don’t even do it on purpose!

I find it kinda weird how well Day6s voices blend and work together since all their voices are completly different.

I hope Day6 do more things like “day6 composer, you lyricist”, it was so cool to watch them create things off the cuff like that, and a lot of fun to feel involved in the process. I especially love the beautiful lyrics Jae puts together in English.