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I’m not at all surprised that the post-ioi groups all failed. I don’t know how these companies thought including one or a few popular idols in the group and then release mediocre music with bland concepts would ever work out except garner initial hype. Such a disappointment and waste of talent.

There’s something about DIA’s Somyi’s face that I’m in love with! She sorta reminds me of a puppy.

I don’t care what anyone says, DIA has the worst fandom name ever. Like I know the meaning is supposed to be cute and sweet but…….come on.

I dare you to say that “Present” from the Unit doesn’t sound like DIA’s “On the Road”

I found that the MC special stage for Music Core (Seongwoo, Mark, and Mina) was a lot better than the stage for Inkigayo (Mingyu, Chaeyeon, Song Kang). Please don’t take this as hate against the Inkigayo MCs; I just preferred the Music Core stage more.