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Doyoung is extremely talented vocally but his personality is blah. Part of being an idol, is having a personality. He’s better off as a solo, and being a musician on itself.

I’d like to see some kind of collaboration between Yuta, Xiaojun, and Doyoung; musical or otherwise, like even just a Vlive. I think the 3 of them have the highest emotional intelligence within NCT & it’s nice to see, especially since I don’t personally associate a high emotional intelligence with men that often. They say a lot of thoughtful things that I think go unnoticed quite often, and have even made me rethink how I view certain aspects in my life. I want them to have some kind of TedTalk

There are many reasons on why I love Doyoung, aside from having beautiful voice, being kind and taking care of his members i love how self aware and mature he is one of my fav quotes from him was when he was reading a fan letter on NCT Night Night on how the fan says that NCT are the only Light in her life and only source of Happiness and Doyoung says To Not just depend on them and that he is hoping that she does not only depend on them as her only source of happiness “I Hope you’re not Happy when you like us I hope we are just a part of the many things that make you happy” which is something i think a lot of new and esp young fans need to hear

It has been almost a year ago, but I’ve seen a post about a rumoured NCT Ballad unit with Taeil, Kun, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Renjun, Haechan, and Chenle and I really hope that it becomes reality, even if it’s just one song as NCT U.

Kim Doyoung is his own #1 fan. I can’t believe he bought 3 of his own album covers and competed with his own fans for them lmao.

Fansites are, to an extent, I think a pretty good indicator of how popular a member is within a group. I am not advocating solo stans or saying the number of fansites is important at all. I was just really happy to see Doyoung was one of the only four NCT members to have over 100 fansites. I feel like he’s often overlooked within the international fandom, so glad he’s getting love in Korea. With all the misplaced hatred against NCT lately in general, please love and support them a lot!

I love Doyoung so much, and the more I get to know about him, the more I love him. But man, I am just so sad he doesn’t have any lips. Like there’s really just two thin pieces of paper where his lips are supposed to be. We all know he has one of the world’s most beautiful smiles, but it’d be nice if he had some juicy lips to frame it with. Even Jaehyun, the whitest member of NCT, has nice lips. I guess whoever created Doyoung didn’t want to make him too perfect.

I think with the exception of Mark who is in all 3 subunits, Taeyong and Doyoung are the two members of NCT with the best relationships in the band. Obviously all 18 of them are friends, but they’re not all close and some of them probably go weeks without seeing each other since they’re not all in the same units/dorms. But it seems like Taeyong and Doyoung have fairly good relationships with the other 17 members. Taeyong because he’s the unofficial leader and has spent downtime getting to know all the members. And Doyoung because he’s in 127 with half the band, and is Mom #2 to NCT Dream and spends time with them. Plus he’s a part of ‘96 line with Ten and Kun.

Confession: When I first got into NCT, I honestly had trouble telling them a part, but now that I’ve been a fan for a while, obviously I know who is who. BUT I will say the following: Kun and Chenle are definitely brothers, Yuta and Taeyong are different versions of each other, and not only do Doyoung and Jungwoo look like they have some kind of familiar ties, but they sound alike too. I really didn’t realise it was two different people singing those soft ass verses in Boss (as a new fan).

I was really glad that people finally, FINALLY, noticed Doyoung when Boss came out. It was quite sad to see people automatically assume any “high note” or drawn out note in a 127 song was Taeil because “only Taeil could sing like that.” I remember when they performed Limitless at a radio show and people were just SO surprised when they found out Doyoung did some of the adlibs everyone assumed Taeil did. Anyway, stan NCT’s honestly very overlooked vocal line in general.