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IM reminds me of E’Dawn. Both are kinda short and weird and emo looking / sounding, but they’re actually very cute and sincere. Plus I think they share a few facial similarities. They could be brothers.

First it was Pentagon not standing up for E’Dawn.  Then it was iKon not standing up for B.I.  Both of them carried their groups to stardom, and the other members totally betrayed them when they were kicked out for nonsense reasons.  This just goes to show that no matter how close idols appear, many won’t think twice about stabbing you in the back when there’s money on the line.  It’s depressing to know that there are probably a lot more idols I admire who, when put to the test, would put money over morality and loyalty.

This may sound harsh but this most recent comeback confirmed it for me: I don’t miss E’dawn at all. To be honest, he doesn’t even cross my mind when watching the video. Pentagon has more than enough talent and charisma to be great without him, and I like seeing Wooseok shine more- he can fill his role just fine.

Do people not realise that even if E’Dawn doesn’t get a full time job today, tomorrow, or even next year, he is still going to collect cheques every so often for every single PTG song he participated in, as well as every single PTG song he’s written on.. ? Like yes, I know it’s not like he’s making millions, and it’s not like PTG’s music is selling by the thousands, BUT it’s still money he will always be entitled to. He doesn’t need to jump right back into anything.

The people who are annoyed at HyunA and E’Dawn ‘shove their relationship in peoples’ faces’ are clearly those who’ve never been in relationships before, and it shows. The way y’all feel about your oppas who don’t know you, in your personal daydreams in the alternate universe you’ve created in your minds, in which y’all are married, is how they feel about each other, except in real life.

I have to admit that as someone who only knew pentagon through triple h, trying to get into their new music has been pretty hard since i only really knew hyojong (who I really loved) and hui. I really did try but his voice is so distinctive that the new stuff didn’t quite hook me

Some people need to stop asking like Hyojong was the one person that helped make Pentagon’s music. When, it was also Hui, Wooseok, and some of the other members as well.

Okay this will get some people mad, but stop writing fanfics about e’dawn. Even reactions without e’dawn. Get over the fact that he’s not in pentagon anymore. Also, it’s disturbing when he’s dating hyuna??? just stop.

I fully support Hyuna and Edawn having as public of a dating life in public as they want, but I have to laugh a little because their styling has become so tragic. You’re intentionally showing of to the world, now is the best time to slay.

E-Dawn and Hyuna were kind of cute at first, now they’re just cringeworthy. When couples post so much about each other it makes me wonder if things are really as good as they put out. And often times it isn’t