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The cameraman who worked on CBX’s Magic Circus concert (the april one) should get a raise. Actually the whole staff who worked on this concert should get lots of money and promotion.

First it was Monster vs Lucky one stans, and now Tempo vs Love shot fans. Knowing how sm’s negligence towards EXO is only increasing, this fandom is actually becoming insufferable, especially when you’re a tempo stan.

If it wasn’t for CBX, Xiumin would never have been my bias. I mean, he barely sings in EXO songs! But with the subunit, I could see how amazingly talented he is. I know he is tecnicly a dancer, but I love his voice!

I thought blooming day’s “can i be your boyfriend?” was going to be corny, but it was so smooth i became a fan.

I really like Xiumin a lot, but even though he’s in EXO-CBX and does a bunch of variety shows I feel like people still pay less attention to him than other members/idols.

Cbx’s show climb the ladder was a quality show but sm marketed it badly.

I think blooming days by CBX is honestly an extremely overlooked comeback. It was the whole package imo and every single song including the main had great vocals and style.

I know this won’t happen but I’d like to hear CBX cover Story Of My Life by 1D.

I hate all these anti’s who assume Lay doesn’t wanna be in EXO anymore because of THADD. Lay and the rest of EXO post all the time how they miss each other and even talk about it in live streams. Last year during award season EXO talked about missing Lay when accepting an award and the next day Lay said he misses them too when accepting an award in China. He even went to Korea last week to support CBX. If this alone doesn’t prove he wants to stay in EXO then I don’t know what does.

i absolutely love exo-cbs’s new comeback! i adore the concept and feel of the music and music video! so impressed