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I don’t know shit about rapping, but I feel like Sehun wouldn’t sound half that bad if he was just let to do his own thing instead of whatever mess he’s put to rap in Exo’s songs. He’s improved a ton since debut and everything he’s done lately with Chanyeol sounds amazing. Had I heard his parts in Borderline without knowing it was him, I wouldn’t have recognized his voice. It’s so interesting and beautiful. I think gentle and soft songs would suit his voice the best; like a poetic, lullaby-like solo from him. I just completely fell for Sehun’s voice after his long-awaited actual lines in Tempo.

It feels like I’m the only who likes the usage of autotune in EXO’s Lotto; we all know they can sing, and it’s very obviously a stylistic choice for the song, so I don’t see why everyone seems to utterly despise it.

Chanyeol has got to be one of my fav voices in kpop. His adlib ‘oh yeah she got me’ in Monster kills me every time. Hearing it during Ldn’s breakdown of Monster in kcon was an experience

Chanyeol was the highlight of ”Obsession” for me. Chen is a close second, but Chanyeol just owned it.

EXO Obsession is genuinely very good in…. cinematography. And story. I’m not gonna lie there. But their music is as bad as Boys With Luv. Is this a thing for big boy group to release song that even though is bad, their fans will just blindly buy their album?

EXO related posts on pann and other platforms getting downvoted was funny at first but it is becoming quite annoying now. Exophobia isn’t a personality trait. You are allowed to hate them but if your hate is becoming too transparent, you need to reconsider your life decisions.

Some groups are lucky to have performers ™ like Soojin, Kai or Yeji. I am not able to look at anyone but them when they are on stage. I wouldnt know what anyone else is doing but them

Seeing chanyeol dance is always funny to me. He’s so tall he looks awkward but it’s cute. Like in “The Eve” dance practice he was struggling with one of the moves but it was funny to watch.

I thought Baekhyun being in SuperM was kinda random but SOMEBODY has to hit high notes so there he is.

I’m not a Baekhyun anti or anything, but he was never really one of my favourites in EXO. I liked his voice, but all his solo work prior to “City Lights” I was never really interested in. That being said, I think “City Lights” is a fire album with absolutely no skips. I was really impressed and surprised by how much I liked it on the first listen, especially since I don’t even like some of my favourite artists music on the first listen sometimes. In terms of Exo’s main vocal line, I definitely think Baekhyun’s City Lights is the best thing ever. I don’t even think I listened to Chen’s album; the title track put me right to sleep. And DO.. well he hasn’t done much but I doubt he would have put out an album with as many bangers as Baekhyun did.