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It feels like I’m the only who likes the usage of autotune in EXO’s Lotto; we all know they can sing, and it’s very obviously a stylistic choice for the song, so I don’t see why everyone seems to utterly despise it.

EXO Obsession is genuinely very good in…. cinematography. And story. I’m not gonna lie there. But their music is as bad as Boys With Luv. Is this a thing for big boy group to release song that even though is bad, their fans will just blindly buy their album?

EXO related posts on pann and other platforms getting downvoted was funny at first but it is becoming quite annoying now. Exophobia isn’t a personality trait. You are allowed to hate them but if your hate is becoming too transparent, you need to reconsider your life decisions.

it baffles me when people complain about exo being jobless/inactive. They’ve released a full album every year since 2015 (not counting repacks/subunits or jpn albums). They tour every year. Film some sort of exo only variety/reality show every year. Plus cbx, cbx tour, station songs, modeling, movies, dramas, school, chens solo, guesting on variety shows. What exactly do these fans want? vlives? because that’s the only thing i can think of that they aren’t doing.

Admin Note: This was sent in before Baekhyun’s debut, EXO-SC’s debut, and EXO’s concerts in Seoul.

I dont know why people have to even discuss that EXO Next Door was bad. The web drama with 6 minute episodes had an idol group, a fanfic story written by a 12 year old, and Line promotion in every cut. Why did people even expect anything from it in the first place? Personally, I find it very entertaining. I will forever be thankful to END for providing the crack video makers so much material to work with.

I’ve heard a lot of laughable kpop rumors but the rumor that Chen got TONGUE SURGERY sent me. I know only a very small amount of people believed that but the fact that anyone would even believe and repeat that such a surgery even exist is hilarious yet worrying.

Xiumin’s spiky hair in Tempo gives me life. Loved that hairstyle on him.

At first I didnt understand the appeal of idol standees. Now I got manipulated into thinking they are cute, thanks to all the instances of EXO standees being stolen, EXO-ls bringing those standees to prom etc. I wouldn’t mind a kyungsoo standee in my room tbh.

After wasting a good 5 years disliking exo because of their fans, I became an exo-l in 2017. But even then I hated Wolf and thought I’d never like it. Yet a while ago, I found myself not skipping it when it came on suffle and surprisingly, I genuinely enjoyed it. I have started to listen to it unironically. The lyrics are admittedly weird but the song itself is a masterpiece. I feel like I’ve achieved the level of true intellectuals. I love how story-driven it is and the instrumental is godly.

(1 exo-l confession) Exo-l‘s once again proved their hypocrisis as a fandom to me with the top social award. For the two years before they said the award is only a paper award and not important in the first place just bc bangtan won it and as soon as they were nominated it was suddenly important. Some big accounts updating fans about the voting went even as far as lying to their followers about the gap so they would vote harder. Realistically speaking they had no chance to win this.

(2 exo-l confession) but they still had their hopes up and when bts unsuprisingly won they were upset. They requested a statement from billboard on how the votes are verified and said that their verification method is weird. Some even said the voting is rigged and then they again proceeded to say exo doesn’t need this award and it’s unimportant anyways. They also did the same with daesangs during award show season. Bc exo didn‘t win the awards were suddenly worth nothing. It’s rly annoying