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Lay is probably one of the most underrated ido…

Lay is probably one of the most underrated idols out there and I don’t understand why. He’s a good singer, good dancer, really handsome, cute and sexy. He has everything. I really hope he comes back to promoting with EXO because I really miss him.

Exo’s electric kiss sounds amazing, i di…

Exo’s electric kiss sounds amazing, i didnt expect the dance to be that cool as well. Im excited for their japanese album and i hope they do the song in korean too like they did with drop that

yeolliebean: chanyeol award show antics ; fluf…


chanyeol award show antics ; fluff grabbing 




EXO vs Baekhyun’s reaction when kkb played for their nomination 😂 [cr.]

Funny how people were preaching about loving y…

Funny how people were preaching about loving your idols and respecting other idols after what happened recently, yet people trying to bring Baekhyun down as if it wasn’t affecting him emotionally being dragged for something he didn’t do or say. It was an act of pure hatred and disrespect towards Baekhyun. Sadly people believe in those words more than in his good intentions.

Admin Note: I do have to warn you all that thi…

Admin Note: I do have to warn you all that this opinion has more depression talk than the other Baekhyun-situation opinions already posted. Please skip this one if depression is a trigger for you. 

The level of vitriol that Baekhyun and his poor fan are receiving as a result of him trying to comfort her over her depression is absurd.  I say this as somebody who had depression for over a decade, since I was diagnosed as a child, and as somebody with a number of friends who have also suffered from it.  Granted, he didn’t necessarily phrase everything the best way, but everybody suffering from depression needs different ways of being approached at different times depending on what exactly was going on.  The fan seemed perfectly happy with the way he treated her, which was why she shared the experience in the first place, and so it seems that what she needed wasn’t the “perfect answer” but more somebody who would listen and care.  Even if you’ve suffered it yourself, or if you’re a psychologist, you still make mistakes when it comes to helping people in that kind of situation no matter how much experience you have.  Also, what helps one person, or what helps you, is not necessarily going to help another person. There will, of course, be some people who, in that fan’s situation, would not have been at all comforted by what he said, but having dealt with many people with many different attitudes towards mental illness, including “stop faking it, it doesn’t exist”, I can tell you that there is a massive difference between somebody whose attitude is “I’ve never experienced it myself so I don’t understand it and I can’t but I want to help you” and takes an interest in you, and somebody whose attitude is “I’ve never experienced it so I don’t understand it” and sort of shoves it away, or, worse still, somebody who thinks that they understand but actually doesn’t, because that can do a lot more harm than good however well-intentioned.  At least Baekhyun was honest with where he was coming from and up front about the short comings he felt he had going in to the conversation, even if it was clumsily phrased (and his apology seemed very sincere).  I’ve personally been on the receiving end of that phrase at least a dozen times, and the thing that made the difference was the person’s tone and attitude.  The only person who can judge that in this situation is the fan he was talking to.  Handling that kind of conversion when somebody comes to you with their problems is also extremely difficult, more so if you don’t know them well or if you aren’t trained to do it.  The important thing is he managed to comfort her.  I’m also worried about the fan now that people are attacking both of them over the situation.  Imagine how she must be feeling, that somebody who helped her find a moment of joy while she’s struggling with a horrible illness.  It’s so cruel to hurt somebody already suffering over something like that.  I hope it’s not affecting her too much, and also that she’ll be able to conquer her depression sometime soon.

ilysoo: OMGGGG





jongin wanted to kiss ksoo’s head ;u;

Exo’s new album Universe is a masterpiece. Eve…

Exo’s new album Universe is a masterpiece. Every song is so good and they all show how good their voices are.

I can’t stand it how Baekhyun apologized for d…

I can’t stand it how Baekhyun apologized for doing nothing wrong because a hater translated wrong what he said on purpose so that he would get hate. And not only Baekhyun apologized but also the fan who had depression. I feel really bad for her as she may now feel responsible for all the hate Baekhyun gets. I can’t believe that the one who mistraslated Baek’s words never said at least a simple sorry. I hope the best for the fan and to overcome depression soon and for Baekhyun to stay strong.