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Seeing chanyeol dance is always funny to me. He’s so tall he looks awkward but it’s cute. Like in “The Eve” dance practice he was struggling with one of the moves but it was funny to watch.

EXO’s performances are the epitome of group project but graded individually. They are rarely in sync. It’s kind of funny because when two members for example Kai and Baekhyun are in sync, Kai akgaes will be like ‘baek copied kai’s homework’. And it’s okay tbh, they have their individuality i guess.

I thought Baekhyun being in SuperM was kinda random but SOMEBODY has to hit high notes so there he is.

Baekhyun’s super power truly is seeing the future. UN Village is about a romantic couple out on a date on a hill behind UN Village, and recently we learned that Jihyo and Kang Daniel are in a relationship and that Kang Daniel’s house is in UN Village. Baekhyun is also lowkey a snitch, lmao (just joking).

I’m not a Baekhyun anti or anything, but he was never really one of my favourites in EXO. I liked his voice, but all his solo work prior to “City Lights” I was never really interested in. That being said, I think “City Lights” is a fire album with absolutely no skips. I was really impressed and surprised by how much I liked it on the first listen, especially since I don’t even like some of my favourite artists music on the first listen sometimes. In terms of Exo’s main vocal line, I definitely think Baekhyun’s City Lights is the best thing ever. I don’t even think I listened to Chen’s album; the title track put me right to sleep. And DO.. well he hasn’t done much but I doubt he would have put out an album with as many bangers as Baekhyun did.

EXO-SC’s music video for “What A Life” reminded me of Winner’s “Everyday” MV, but on a budget, and I absolutely love that. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the song at first, but I’ve watched the video so many times, its definitely grown on me.

I feel like Sehun pops more as an artist outside of Exo. I don’t know what it is about his position in Exo, but even when he has a lot of lines or screen time in anything, I just don’t think he stands out that much, or really showcases what he can do. But when he’s solo, or even in his unit with Chanyeol, where the focus is at least 50% on him, he really showcases himself well. I’m always looking forward to more activities with him outside the group

it baffles me when people complain about exo being jobless/inactive. They’ve released a full album every year since 2015 (not counting repacks/subunits or jpn albums). They tour every year. Film some sort of exo only variety/reality show every year. Plus cbx, cbx tour, station songs, modeling, movies, dramas, school, chens solo, guesting on variety shows. What exactly do these fans want? vlives? because that’s the only thing i can think of that they aren’t doing.

Admin Note: This was sent in before Baekhyun’s debut, EXO-SC’s debut, and EXO’s concerts in Seoul.

I dont know why people have to even discuss that EXO Next Door was bad. The web drama with 6 minute episodes had an idol group, a fanfic story written by a 12 year old, and Line promotion in every cut. Why did people even expect anything from it in the first place? Personally, I find it very entertaining. I will forever be thankful to END for providing the crack video makers so much material to work with.

I’ve never followed exo, but that music bank interview they did after baekhyun had downed what he thought was water but actually was soju is so funny. Everything about it is so perfect, from how he’s acting, to the other member’s faces, to irene and bogum (the hosts) desperately trying to hold in their laughing. It never gets old.

Admin Note: Here is the interview OP is talking about.