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G-Dragon would be the best candidate to be the next YG President.

I really miss GD… and we still have so long to go until he’s back. There’s really no one like him in kpop – his music, stage presence, talent is totally incomparable. (This isn’t meant to be shade saying everyone else is untalented I love tons of groups and artists) kpop really isn’t the same or as good without him 🙁 Can’t wait for the king to return!

GD’s documentary really set in stone how unbelievably soft,sweet,goofy and hardworking he is. As someone who went to one of his MOTTE shows I can say that all his hard work paid off tremendously. It was an amazing and memorable show. I truly hope he’s doing a lot better now, both physically and mentally. It’s silly to think that the only rest he’s been able to get is being in the army. And even then people won’t leave him alone.

Jiyong’s ‘MOTTE Tour Documentary’ blew me away. It was depressing, up-lifting, eye-opening and inspiring. Seeing all those sides of GD was gut wrenching and really changed the way I view idols. Highly, highly recommend watching it, even as just a peak into what top idols feel/go through.

G-Dragon and Taeyang remind me of woahvicky, especially when they have cornrows or dreads

I want G-Dragon to pull another MAMA 2014 and just diss the entire kpop industry.

Honestly GD party deserves the hate he is getting rn. He was fine dancing and doing concerts the whole time but suddenly he goes to the army he has to be hospitalized ¾ of the time? My brother enlisted right after college and he said that half of the soldiers are not even allowed to get treatment meanwhile celebrities can just stay in a hospital or drop into publicj service. It‘s ridiculous but international fans usually don‘t understand this and still shield their fav

Okay I know that he’s the
proclaimed “king of k-pop” but I absolutely HATE G-Dragon’s nasally voice

I feel so mad for idols that trained so long to debut, just to be done dirty by their company or whatever circumstance that causes them to leave their group; especially for the ones that trained longer than being an active. With that being said, I feel so sorry for Jessica and Miss A’s Min, I’m happy for G-Dragon, and I hope Jihyo has a long, successful career. My feelings apply to all other idols in the categories above that I didn’t mention too.

it is absolutely ridiculous that Dispatch is making up false stories about GD getting special treatment. BOTH the military AND the Korean Ministry of Defense have said that there is no such thing as a “colonel’s room”, it hasn’t existed since 2012, and GD was only put into a single-occupancy room for his privacy while he’s recovering for health-related issues because of his fellow soldiers invading his personal space, like writing an “observation log” as if he’s a rare fucking specimen. Like he can’t escape the unwanted attention even when he’s in the goddamn military of all places!