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Sowon from G-Friend has said numerous times that she prefers “cute” and “innocent” concepts. But her over all look just screams edgy and hot! After seeing her perform Hush, I’m convinced. Still, its s little obvious that edgy makes her uncomfortable despite how good she always looks


Idols with chubby cheeks are the cutest, like Gfriend’s Umji, Iz*one’s Hitomi and Stray kids’ Han. I don’t understand why people think it’s a negative trait.

I could never get into gfriend and I couldn’t figure out why until someone pointed it out that they only dance to synchronize, there’s zero depth of flavor to it, they don’t even look like they’re enjoying themselves. There’s no feeling to their movements and idc how well they sing. If all they were gonna do was sing well then they should just stood there an sang.

Yuju is a great singer, but she sings like she’s congested or has a stuffed nose, and it gets worse and worse with each comeback. It’s not enjoyable to hear anymore. Jihyo has this issue too to an extent.

I wish gfriend would have another comeback like fingertip! It suited them so well and seemed like a more mature version of their older songs, and in my opinion that seems like the right kind of graduation from that sound as the girls themselves grow older

This is kind of late, but Sunrise was finally the return of Gfriend’s good songs since Fingertip. I mean, the songs in beetween were ok, but not amazing or not forgettable. Sunrise did that!

I feel like Yerin seems to get a bit lost in Gfriend these days. When they debuted, she was this massive presence who went on all the variety shows and was super popular, but these days I feel like she doesn’t seem to stand out as much. I don’t know whether it’s because the other members have got more confident and have large personalities, or if it’s because she’s genuinely more reserved than she first acted.

It irks me off as a former music student to see basic music terms like octaves being used correctly. It already annoyed me seeing IU’s 3 high notes in Good Day being labeled as 3 octaves and just recently I saw a Knetizen comment calling Eunha’s 3 high notes in Sunrise “3 octaves” (they literally typed 3옥타브 in their original Korean post so it wasn’t a mistranslation). When will people stop calling every high note sung in succession “octaves?“

Eunha from GFriend honestly looks unrecognizable when you compare her predebut and post debut photos. She did something to her face.