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Jyp is foul for how he and they treat got7. Telling them the music they want to put out isn’t their sound, constantly belittling youngjae and his talent, taking the copyrights of JB’s music as def soul and just overall being a terrible company that doesn’t care about the thriving of one of their biggest groups currently and so much more that can’t fit on here

I want to like GOT7 but there’s always some kind of lowkey drama going on that always makes me halt. Like there’s just something about most of the members that’s very weird; they just give me weird vibes. & when I feel like I’m cool w/ the band their latest releases are just not my type. I know it’s petty & this kind of reasoning is vague, but it’s b/c I want to like them, I listen to some of their songs regularly, but there’s this unknown force telling me “don’t do it.. it’s not worth it..“

Although some people think that GOT7 aren’t successful enough especially in South Korea, myself as an ahgase, I think that they’re doing more than just fine. They seem to be happy with who they are as a group and are really proud of themselves for how far they’ve come. They don’t need to be in the public eye to know that they have many fans supporting them. GOT7 have said multiple times that as long that they have ahgase they’re happy and that’s enough for me. I also feel like GOT7 success isn’t shoved in your face so perhaps that’s why people seem to think they’re not successful.

Yugyeom is one of the best dancers in kpop at the minute. I’d even go as far to say that he’s on par with Taemin when he was Yugyeoms age. I don’t think there are many idols who can match his talent, flow and passion. His lines are really beautiful.

got7 are incredibly good dancers. literally 6/7 of the group are dancers who specialize in different styles (ie, house, bboying, acrobatics). they also have some pretty cool choreographies. i hope they get a chance to display their talents more.

i love the twinkly synth in got7’s magnetic. that song makes me so happy!!

I’ve noticed how, for males idols, JYP tends to guys that are “daddy”material. Some that come to mind are 2PM’s Teacyeon, GOT7’s JB and Stray Kids’ Bang Chan. But of course, most members of their respective groups do too (except the minors), but those 3 stand out the most to me

I was so confused as to why the CEO of Twitter asked Got7 to meet with them when they are even the most followed kpop group. Bts is, when bambam asked why them the CEO just gave them a such disingenuous answer

I find it interesting that people complain about JYP group music (except DAY6 ofc): for example Twice’s is too girl and annoying, all got7’s music is bland and bad, stray kids is too messy and we all know how people feel about Dalla Dalla yet JYP groups have some of the biggest fandoms in Kpop and have consistently high views.