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Gugudan could easily be one of the more famous post ioi groups, with a bit more promo and frequent comebacks. Their last album was my favourite girl group album of the year, and every track from it slapped a different kind of way. ‘Be Myself’ was a refreshing R&B hit, and it has nice lyrics too !! Gugudan please come back, the music world needs you.

I’m not at all surprised that the post-ioi groups all failed. I don’t know how these companies thought including one or a few popular idols in the group and then release mediocre music with bland concepts would ever work out except garner initial hype. Such a disappointment and waste of talent.

I don’t understand how Jellyfish entertainment is promoting VeriVery and Gugudan. When VIXX were rookies they still had many appearences on variety shows, and things like VIXX TV or mydol that were hard subbed (and often had cameos of friends from other groups) so that it’d be easier for fans from all over to watch/access/get to know. Gugudan as a group hasn’t really been featured anywhere besides weekly idol and has a very irregular solo activities list, and VeriVery has had no actual show appearences after their debut show (smth vixx also had). In fact I didn’t even know that VeriVery had a comeback until recently! It feels like they’re really relying on dance covers/v-live to promote.

I’m not a big shipper, and I know they’re just friends, but anytime I see someone talk about (Kang) Mina or I see her face, in my head I say ‘Oh (Lee) Mark’s girlfriend’ lol I would like to see Mark date someone as cute as him and as sweet as Mina. I’m also glad Mark actually has a friend outside of NCT who’s his own age. I hope many more members will be able to do the same as well.

Seeing Jeon Soyeon and Kang Mina look so beautiful makes me so happy. They were so harshly criticised for their visuals on Produce 101, and now they’re praised as two of the most note worthy visuals of the 3rd gen.

I like the cool chic concepts that Gugudan has been doing lately

Gugudan makes we wonder if Jellyfish took the wrong lessons from VIXXs success. Constantly changing concepts is a tricky thing because you risk changing your image as well. You need to have some sort of signature style to establish the brand.

I’m really excited for Gugudans comeback. They’re a group that has done a lot of different concepts and have done all those concept excellently but I feel that bc of their questionable debut song they get ignored which is extremely unfortunate. I hope that their comeback does well, they gain more fans and people can support them at this difficult timing of losing a member as well!

I’m excited to see Mina (Gugudan) in Mama Fairy & the Woodcutter. She’s got such a great personality and I think it will be fun to see he in it.