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When your dog doesn’t bark while you’re sneaking back into the house


I hate when people use their zodiac to justify shitty behavior like “sorry I can’t help it I’m a scorpio”. No Susan you’re just a bitch.


Someone: Let’s hang out this weekend!

Me: YES!! omg!

My insecurities, my anxiety and my empty wallet:

Me @ my body: Perhaps… Since it’s summer… You could sleep without the blanket?

My body:

This is my dog pretending to be asleep to not talk to me. She’s mad at me because I told her we can’t go to South Korea and meet Jhope (her ultimate bias) How do I fix this?

Me at every party: Where is the dog?

You know something big is about to happen when:

  1. Yoongi inhales deeper than hell.
  2. Hoseok pulls his cap lower.

Seokjin: Your belly button is just your old mouth.
Namjoon: …
Hoseok: I was having a good day.
Yoongi: We were all having a good day.


IT’S HELLA WEIRD HOW EVERYONE SLEEPS DIFFERENTLY, like I sleep on my side, my ex sleeps with everyone, and y’all👏sleep👏on👏JungfuckingHoseok👏