Category: Hyolyn

I’d heard Hyolyn’s Dally before, but a couple of days ago it popped up in my list of YT recommends and all I can say is that it’s utterly fabulous and I can’t stop listening to it! Her voice is so great, and I feel like the rap was really well placed. The video is great too—I love the vibes and, of course, the dancing!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what artists i would like to see collaborate lately, and here’s my suggestion that you’ve probably not thought about; taeyeon x hyolyn x hwasa. Now that would be the ULTIMATE collaboration that would end all collaborations.

It’s beyond tragic how hyolyn’s solo career totally flopped. She has the prettiest voice i’ve ever heard, and i think if she’d gone in a similar musical direction as maybe taeyeon or ailee instead of unoriginal EDM tracks, she would’ve been one of the top solo female singers right now. That being said, if she’s happy with her music i hope she continues doing it!