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If there is something their Fancy cover taught me, it’s that SKz Hyunjin can’t lipsync to save his life

Stray Kids‘ Hyunjin’s giggles are the cutest thing I’ve ever come across.

I think jyp has a cloning machine. hyunjin and yeji look really similar.

Visuals in Kpop groups have always faced criticism for being nothing more than a pretty face and basically being the useless member of a group. Now we have Taeyong, who is not only a great dancer but also a great rapper, Hyunjin, who worked so hard to not only be seen as a pretty face and is now one of SKZ‘s main dancers, Jisoo, who improved so much that Blinks can’t wait for her solo, Kyulkyung, who debuted in 2 groups, one sub-unit, and appeared as a mentor on a Chinese survival show, and so many more that proved that having a pretty face isn’t all that is to a visual. Keep fighting and showing these shallow people that talent won’t be overshadowed by good looks!

Stray Kid’s Hyunjin is an amazing dancer like even if he’s just freestyling or goofing around he just oozing so much talent you can tell he really loves doing it and I’m super excited to see him develop his style when skz do different concepts and stuff.

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Hyunjin from Stray Kids is such a beautiful person. There’s no way that someone should bring him down like they have been for a while now. With all those rumors going around about him, it makes me upset to see how upset this makes him. But all I know is that he has his groupmates and loyal fans to cheer him up. I just hope he’s okay. We all just want the absolute best for him.

What happened with the rumors about Hyunjin’s character is so wrong in so many ways. It seriously pisses me off to no end that people would purposely spread rumors about someone when we know they’re 100% untrue and they’re only doing it to give someone a bad reputation. There is no truth behind the rumors and no proof that any of it actually happened. The video of Hyunjin at the fan sign when he cried while they were singing Grow Up is so heartbreaking because you can see he’s so upset but he still tries to be happy and upbeat during the song for the fans. I just can’t imagine why people would put a rookie group member under so much pressure right after debut. They’re already under so much pressure from their company! I’m worried now that Hyunjin be unable to be himself during public schedules ever again because this happened so early in his career. I hope he knows that true Stray Kids fans will support him and the rest of the boys through anything. We love you Hyunjin!!!

Hyunjin’s whole rumor situation was so dumb and the fact that people were turning on him on social media was even dumber. It LITERALLY was a case of “a friend of a friend said this” and “he said, she said”. But then again I’m not surprised because people were clearly looking for an excuse to cause a scandal with one of the hottest rookie groups out right now, and what better way to do it than with one of their most popular members. If he did what the rumor said then he should apologize and move on. But last time I checked a person was innocent until proven guilty.

Hyunjin (Stray Kids) can pass as a brother or a first cousin to Hyungwon (Monsta X) and its so facinating to me