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Most pd101/48 fans are from season 4 so they don’t know much but as someone who has seen all 4 finals LIVE and followed all the debuting groups I think the new fans are overestimating X1. I think some of them don’t understand how great ioi and wanna one were. Especially how talented they were. Last 2 seasons were the most lackluster TV shows I’ve ever seen. And it’s extremely clear that the last 2 were rigged ( I’m fine with iz*one) shows how superior the first 2 were. ( Imo )

Admin Note: This was sent in before many of the reports of manipulation for various Mnet survival shows were made public.

I’m not at all surprised that the post-ioi groups all failed. I don’t know how these companies thought including one or a few popular idols in the group and then release mediocre music with bland concepts would ever work out except garner initial hype. Such a disappointment and waste of talent.

I know this is “a sin”, but I actually prefere Yeonjun’s high notes in Into the New World to Taeyeon’s. I’m not trying to sound arrogant or superior. Taeyeon is great, but that’s just my opinion.

As a bigger fan of wanna one than IOI, I feel like IOI was way more successful than wanna one. I am not talking numbers here because we all know alot of fans followed pd101s2 bc of ioi anyways. I am talking music wise, alot of people joined IOI’s fandom after they debuted solely based on how great their comebacks were and they got better and better while wanna one had more loyal from the start and their music didn’t really bring in any fans (except for the debut ofc and maybe beautiful). I was really waiting for their last album and it still didn’t live up to my expectations.

IZ*ONE’s line up is really really weak compared to I.O.I’s. Is obvious that there’s money involved behind the scenes… But did MNET had to make it SO obvious? (BTW, no shade to the girls. It’s not their fault)

The only thing I’ll accept about IZ*ONE is that their debut song “La Vie En Rose” is the best out of I.O.I’s debut song “Dream Girls” and Wanna One’s debut song “Energetic”. I’m actually envious they’re giving good songs to IZ*ONE unlike certain ones given to the other two.

I still don’t understand why some of the members of I.O.I left the group not long after debut? They put in all this effort and worked so hard on PD101, got into the final group to debut and then go back to their original groups. Why bother working hard to get so far and then leave?

Admin Note: Just a clarification based on the post’s wording – the members of I.O.I did not actually leave the group after debut, but certain ones returned to their original groups or debuted in a new one while they were promoting with I.O.I.

No group to come out of a produce blah blah show will ever top I.O.I for me and the fact that they didn’t get half of the treatment that other shows/groups are getting just doesn’t sit right with me

I.O.I had a so and so debut song but their other comebacks and
side tracks are bops, meanwhile Wanna One’s debut song Energetic
was a bop and their other comebacks and side tracks are so and so.
The Sub Unit songs are what saved their recent comeback in my opinion
and it is sad because there is a possibility that the next comeback
will be their last; plus maybe a goodbye song. I wish their music was
different and it is a shame how 2/3 members barely got any lines in
any song too.

Whenever people hate on Kang Mina, saying she only got in to IOI because she was fat and people pity her, I wonder if they remember that she got an A class rank in auditions and re-evaluations. She was one of the more skilled dancers in the team, and I hate how that was overshadowed and she was pressured (by fans and P101) to lose weight.