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INFINITE’s debut song, Come Back Again, is one of the best debut songs in K-Pop.

I think infinite made a big mistake renewing their contracts with woollim. It’s been tragic watching them going from one of the top groups (remember how shinee/beast/infinite used to be THE idol groups) to losing all relevancy as a group (not individually). I don’t know if they would’ve been able to keep up their popularity if they did the same thing beast/highlight did, but it would’ve been better than their current situation. They didn’t even really celebrate their 7th, 8th, or 9th anniversary

I will never get over the fact that so many people fail to recognize INFINITE’s talent. Their live singing is so superb that some people actually think that their MR Removed is fake, but as someone who has attended their concert, I know it’s not. Their dancing is also on point, and no one overpowers the others during live performances (you know someone is the dance machine but that person does not stand out to much because they are relatively equal in their energy). Each member also excels on his own personal path, with some going to acting, musicals, DJ-ing, composing, pursuing a different genre, etc. But despite that, it just baffles me how INFINITE is always part of the ‘strong’ groups out there but never been able to be the strongest. Now I just wonder what is missing in their formula. The only thing I can identify is Woollim’s poor management. Yeah they’ve done good things here and there, launch and released stuff nobody has ever done before, but lately it’s just been not the same. It’s not the same Woollim who knows how to create hype, who knows which direction it wants its artists to go and knows what to do to bring them there. It’s almost like it’s not really the public sleeping on INFINITE but their own company.

Dongwoo (Infinite) has such a pure personality; he remains positive no matter the setbacks and its honestly inspirational.

I am always greatful for Infinite H’s “As Long as You’re Not Crazy”. It’s such a good song and Sanchez’ vocals really adds to it

I know lots of Inspirits hate it when people say that INFINITE is underrated, but we can’t deny that they really are getting less recognition than they deserve. I forgot if it’s Hyungdon or Defconn or completely somebody else, but someone in the industry pointed out before that they can’t understand why INFINITE is not charting as high as other groups when their songs are of top quality. They were already climbing to the top from 2012-2014, but then idk what happened along the way. I hate speculating whatsoever because none of us knows for sure, but I think people at Woollim are at fault here. In a way, I believe INFINITE was mishandled in the way that over the years, it just felt like the company was being too complacent and putting less effort for their comebacks than they did for their promotions for Last Romeo + Be Mine(posters everywhere), The Chaser (5-city showcase, traveled via helicopter), and so on. If they were only strategically promoted during those mentioned years, or better yet, if the kind of promotion they got from then was sustained beyond that period, INFINITE would have been bigger today than they already are. Anyway, I believe in our boys’ neverending talent and limitless capabilities. Let’s hope that one day people will see the light and appreciate them more instead of just tagging them as an „old“ group whose „peak has passed,“ especially because there’s so much more the haven’t shown yet (like, only recently did their self-composed tracks included in albums, each member is venturing into different tracks like acting, etc.). 

As of the new 4th gen artists, I believe N.flying’s Hweseung and Ateez’ Jongho will keep the legacy of amazing vocalists like Nam Woohyun and Jung Daehyun. I could listen to their voices all day long, they’re amazing. And I hope more people will recognize their talent as time passes.

Infinite’s Nam Woohyun and B.A.P’s Jung Daehyun are some of the best vocalists in the industry. They showcase their emotions perfectly through every song and they’re also great at controlling their breath, plus their range is amazing too.

I feel like Teen Top’s “Love Is” and Infinite’s “The Eye” did not get they attention they deserved when they came out, Both songs were amazing with beautiful choreography

In some angles, TWICE’s Jeongyeon looks like INFINITE’s Woohyun.