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My heart will be completely broken if IZ*ONE disbands. I have never loved a group as much as I love them – they’re so unique in their style and in their songs and no group will be able to replace them for me. I hope everything turns out okay.

Most pd101/48 fans are from season 4 so they don’t know much but as someone who has seen all 4 finals LIVE and followed all the debuting groups I think the new fans are overestimating X1. I think some of them don’t understand how great ioi and wanna one were. Especially how talented they were. Last 2 seasons were the most lackluster TV shows I’ve ever seen. And it’s extremely clear that the last 2 were rigged ( I’m fine with iz*one) shows how superior the first 2 were. ( Imo )

Admin Note: This was sent in before many of the reports of manipulation for various Mnet survival shows were made public.

Still don’t get how JYP kept the Itzy sister and not the Izone sister. Obviously one is way more talented in terms of dancing and vocals.

I never stop being impressed by iz*one’s minju.  She started from ROCK BOTTOM but she improved so much by violeta,  she went from ‘another girl blending with the back’ to my bias.  I love her charisma. And her pink hair is absolutely gorgeous.

With how popular Iz*one is in both Korea and Japan, and getting to know all the final members, I’m glad that international fans were unable to vote, both because Jo Yuri and Kim Chaewon would never make it in otherwise, and that they would definitely be nowhere near as successful as they would be right now in Korea and Japan. (Japanese fans mainly had Koreans + Sakura on their lineup wishlist, as Japanese Kpop fans hate AKB and vice versa)

A little miffed at the fact that people are either constantly hating on Wonyoung because of salt, or do nothing about the hate, yet whenever Somi has any shred of negativity against her, even mild criticism, people constantly whine about why they kept ripping on a child, even though Wonyoung was younger in P48 than Somi was in Sixteen and the fact that Somi’s eighteen now and has been in the industry for a while. She’s not the same 14-year-old on Sixteen/Produce101 anymore, and she herself wanted an image change. There’s a reason why she left JYP for YG. Not saying Somi deserves hate, but I’m annoyed at the difference of treatment compared to Wonyoung.

I cant bring myself to watch the final episode of Produce 48 because I just can’t get behind the final lineup.


Iz*one has the most amazing concept out of all GG’s at the moment. Their company and stylists are doing an incredible job.

Idols with chubby cheeks are the cutest, like Gfriend’s Umji, Iz*one’s Hitomi and Stray kids’ Han. I don’t understand why people think it’s a negative trait.