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I really don’t like J-Hope because he comes off as inauthentic to me. I don’t want to think he’s a fake or phony person, but his personality is just so over the top all of the time, and he acts like he doesn’t have other sides to his personality. And I know that he does, so I don’t understand why he finds it necessary to be so extra and over the top all of the time. It’s just cringy. Especially when he does it in American/Western interviews and appearances. I feel so much second hand embarrassment. There’s nothing wrong with being silly or playing up for the cameras every once and a while, but it’s like, can you do literally anything else? Damn.

I use to be a diehard ARMY who loved all the members with all my soul until I stopped stanning BTS completely a couple years ago. I was never the solo stan type of person but J-hope (sometimes Namjoon) is the only person that really does it for me in that group. He’s like this beautiful angel that I want to protect. He’s so talented, funny, and handsome. He’s sensitive, but sexy and his confidence on stage is out of this world. He’s complete boyfriend material for me. I love him and he’s the main reason why I still check out BTS’s music. I still like and respect the other members of course, but Jung Hoseok is truly my sunshine.

TVXQ’s Changmin is arguably one of the most handsome guys in K-Pop and I don’t think I’ve ever encountered anyone who’s disagreed that he’s anything less than handsome. Meanwhile, BTS’s J-Hope is frequently referred to as being their ugly member. And yet, in some photos and angles, I actually think they share a resemblance to each other.

Of all the charity initiatives that ARMY did for J-Hope’s birthday, the ones for animals made me smile the most. I also think it’s funny how surprised volunteers for obscure charities react when suddenly a shit ton of squirrels are adopted, and they hear it’s done by fans of a Korean band they never heard of. Bless those volunteers, by the way.

Jhope can do everything Jungkook can do, but he’s treated worse by ‘fans’ because he’s apparently ‘ugly’ according to some

I saw a recent fan cam of Jhope from bts and I was really impressed. I haven’t followed that group for a long time, but his stage presence has really flourished from what I remember

I love BTS’ rapline but I wish they wouldn’t try to sing. The only one who manages to pull it off is JHope

BTS’ rapline are the best idol rappers. Please prove me wrong. Rappers like Zico have undeniably good flow and versatility. And BAP’s Yongguk has beautiful lyrics time and time again. Stray Kids are excellent for rookies. There’s outstanding female idol rappers of course, Yeeun from clc, Soyeon from g idle etc. so don’t think I’m forgetting abt them either. But not one of your faves can really compare to what RM, Suga, and J-Hope can do, in all aspects of hip-hop, and how far theyve come

whole kino (pentagon) versus jhope (bts) about who did the best in my
feelings challenge was such a stupid fanwar, both did it great, but
of course people turn everything in a competition

I think Jhope and Suga sound alike sometimes when they rap. Like in Fake Love and on one of the Cyphers .