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I hope that even though Jimin will no longer be a JYPE artist after this month ends, her friendship with other JYPE idols like Jae and Momo will still be strong.

I laugh knowing Jae from DAY6 has argentine citizenship since he was born in buenos aires because, even though he was only here for very, very little, he will be unable to get rid of it if he ever wants to cause it’s unrenounceable lol

I’m sad that I don’t find Jae from Day6 funny anymore. He wasn’t my bias when I joined the fandom but he was amusing and his Twitter was very interactive. Lately, his attempts at humor seem futile to me.

I love Jae but holy crow I can’t stop wondering if his chicken noodle ass can see through his bangs.

I know it’s unlikely but I really, really want Jae and 22/7’s Sally Amaki to meet.

I’m hoping that Jae and the rest of Day6 come back with an Individual Instagram account like he announced on twitter. It would be really annoying if he wouldn’t just because of the scandal.

Jae from Day6 does a better job promoting Day6 than JYPent. does. Furthermore, Jae’s YouTube channel is hilarious and highly recommendable.

When Rubin (mixnine) has blond hair he kinda reminds me of Jae from Day6 with blond hair. But like only when they have blond hair.